Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dis and That

Do you love the bad lighting on the webcam?
I am getting this awful hair cut and highlighted tomorrow.

I cannot believe I forgot to post my Bachelor recap this week.
With Ali gone now, my life is an empty shell of what it once was but I will attempt to carry on.

So many tabloids are coming out with new info about the girlies and I do love me some People and US Weekly so I believe them all.

I seriously never bought too much of Tenley but I have to say she had the most normal family dynamic of them all.
She did run to Jake and wrap him up like a hungry black widow but the girl isn't much into sex, according to said tabloids and I am going to just say this now.
Men, most men, like to have sex. A lot.
Oh, sure, there are a few who don't but I am not married to one and that is where I stop.
If Jake decides to pick you, he needs a backup plan.
It is quite possible that the ex was a creep but either way, you annoy me.

Oh Vienna.
How romantic was that pontoon trip through the swampland of your home town?
The gators, the murky water, your father who reminded me of the wagon wheel coffee table dude from When Harry Met Sally. (before Reality Steve pointed out that he was a dead ringer for Bruno Kirby.)
I envisioned a mansion with a pink canopied bed and a mini pink canopied bed for your rat, er, dog.
In real life, you have a normal house and a dad that gives you more than he can probably afford.

I really think you were the one.
He ran to you. He looked at you with love in his eyes. There was chemistry.
The decision you had to make between the Facebook career and Jake was a good one, especially in this economy.
He can come back for you later but as stupid as FB has been lately, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a thing of the past so keep the eyes open. and your resume up to date.

I skipped through your hometown date.
Not interested.

I have so much to do this week beginning with the 6 loads of laundry, cleaning my bedroom and deciding what to pack for my trips this weekend and next, attempting to make room in my garage for this huge car I just bought, getting Valentine stuff for the boys and taking all 4 dogs to the vet for their shots.
Kona loves the vet. She pees, she flips out.
She has frequent ear problems including the water we got in it during skunk-smell-removal '10. She will need her ears cleaned which involves a sedative and a muzzle. maybe a Xanax for mommy
She and Finn almost always barf on the winding roads which means we will be riding in the Jeep.
I strive for a yak-free Yukon.

I am looking forward to our getaway this weekend.
We leave Saturday and my sister and her husband will already be there; they arrive Fri. and leave Sun. and we leave Mon.
We are going to dinner and have some drinks and relax. Maybe a ghost tour and some antiquing.
Relaxing. Something my husband has trouble with, Mel's too. They work. A Lot.
Us girls do too but the guys carry the weight of the world so we don't have to.

I totally love my car.
I need to get the XM installed this week.


  1. i kept waiting for the music from the movie "Deliverance" to start playing when they were riding down the swamp...

  2. I watched The Bachelor for the second time. Still not impressed.

    What is XM? I could google it, but well.... maybe later.

    Have fun on your getaway!

    Do you love your new car? lol

  3. "With Ali gone now, my life is an empty shell of what it once was but I will attempt to carry on."


    I agree, she was the only one I liked. And I thought Vienna's dad looked like a 70's porn star. I too expected a mansion of sorts. And what was with the making out on the bed and Daddy walking in on it??? Ick.

  4. ooooh, that looks like a great place to spend a relaxing weekend!

    Totally agree with the Bachelor review.

    I love that you love your new car. I brought home a big book from the dealership the other day. . . to plant the seed. . ya know. With three in college next year, I doubt the Hubby will indulge me but you never know.

    Have a great getaway!

  5. What is wrong with your hair?
    Mine is blonde, very short at the back, but tapers down to my jaw line, and I love it! It's so easy to keep looking good.


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