Sunday, February 28, 2010

Excuse the dorky photos but I was playing around with different scarf ideas with the 2 I bought at Forever 21 for a measly 4 bucks apiece.

Get a life right?

Since I cleaned the entire house yesterday, my whole body hurt and I was very cranky so I went to bed at 8pm with my bad attitude and my heating pad.
When the Little One asked if we were going out for our usual Saturday night date for Mexican food, (he and his friend have decided to join us the past few months) I told him he would have to fend for himself.

As I was watching Dead Like Me season 2 (I have watched all the episodes 24 times apiece), Mr. Funny came up to give me a hug and tell me that he loved me and he was here for me even though I am a hag sometimes and it is his job to pull me out of my depression and did I want something to eat.
He made my favorite soup, Campbell's vegetable beef, crackers and sprite and put it on my bed tray.
I smelled garlic from downstairs and asked what Little One was cooking (he cooks all the time) and he said he was sauteeing garlic for his olive oil to dip his crusty bread in.
I had gotten him a bottle of basil olive oil and also a bottle of sparkling grape juice at the winery when I bought a few bottles of wine and he has waited to drink it with his friend.

Mr. Funny asked him if that was all he was eating for dinner and his reply was something like, "that is what they ate in the Bible"
Bread and "wine".
Bet Jesus didn't eat it while playing XBOX Live.

We had our date night tonight and went to see Valentine's Day which was so great.

Then we had a quick dinner at Applebees and headed home

Pale aqua scarf, cream cardigan, bad lighting.

Periwinkle scarf, Gap sweater that I swear I wear every other day and my good friends, the dark circles which have taken up residence forever under my eyes.

Have a great week!

(what is up with the stupid underlining again?)


  1. I think the underlining is when the words begin too close to the picture you have just inserted (?) I've had that happen before and you have to skip some space and start typing away from the picture.

    Well we must have the same taste in We just saw Valentines Day and Hubby and I have started ordering the Dead Like Me movies on NetFlix. Must be pretty good huh? I have only seen the first one. Scarf looks pretty.

  2. Cute scarves, and I do not see these dark circles you speak of.
    Hopefully, he doesn't get the bottles mixed up. :)

  3. I'm going to have to try some scarves. Or not. I'm afraid they would help my hot flashes out.
    Your son definitely had the right idea. You look great.

  4. you look beautiful! I didn't see any dark circles under your eyes but I did see a gorgeous smile and lady :)

    what a sweetie Mr. Funny is to bring you dinner in bed, he's a keeper

    I hope with the spring weather with warmer days and more sunlight your mood gets a bit better, I'm betting it will :)

    too cute about Little One with his dinner, he's a keeper too!

    I did hear Valentine's Day was a cute movie :)


  5. waiting anxiously for your "Bachelor" re-cap.... haha!


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