Friday, February 26, 2010

I guess I won't go private, for now.

The love is clear and I want to share my humor with total strangers (and some blog friends of course, as well!)

I took half of the cake I made to work today and it was snarfed down before I could blink.
Someone even suggested I make them for a living.
Because that wouldn't drive me insane at all.

I really hate Walmart.
I had to pick up some restaurant supplies and it was insane.
Pajamas. In public. Every time I go. (I wear them in the house all the time, I change before I go out)
Smelly people. Soap is cheap.
People telling their children to "shut the hell up". Think it- (I do.) Don't say it out loud.
I was raised on Target.
Target is a happy place.

We are done with the fireplace for the year.
It is bittersweet because I love the warmth but I hate the wood chips and the smell.
I am not ready to let go.

I was invited by 3 of my best girlfriends from high school to go on a summer trip.
There was a big group of us but there were 7 that were really close.
(One of the girls saw my 40th birthday pics from NYC and decided it would be a great way to celebrate the other girls 40th.)
I haven't seen them for 18 years but we are Facebook friends.
We fell out of touch but have picked up where we left off.
We all look just as cute as we did in high school.
Sort of.
A few extra pounds, some stretch marks, a gray hair or 2, possibly a little worn around the eyes but still as cool and fun as we were back then.
I think.
None of us live close to each other so I am curious where we are going.
One is a teacher, one is a cookbook author and one is a physical therapist.

I am in spring cleaning mode.
Haven't gotten very far but hey, baby steps.
Have a great weekend!


  1. glad you aren't going private. just be careful with what you write about and you'll be just fine. come west with your friends, trust me, you'll have a great time

    I don't get the pajamas either, lots of high school girls here where the bottoms to school.

    give me Target over Wal-Mart any day

    you too have a good weekend


  2. I feel you on the fireplace! I am desperate to Spring Clean over here!!
    Have a good Saturday!

  3. OH funny girl, you have got to go check out the website- people of walmart... if you can't find it let me know & i'll send you the exact link, but i'm pretty sure if you google that you'll find it... it's like a wreck, you can't look away!! i heart me some TARGET every day of the year!!


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