Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I really should be more observant

My car was filthy after a weekend of mud, snow and dirt roads.
I drove it to work yesterday and decided I would wash it today.
Mr. Funny drove it to take his mom to a doctors appt. today.
I drove his Jeep to work.
He got to work about 4:00 with the Little One in tow.
We got in the car and started for home but I decided to stop at the car wash (along with the rest of the town) and at this time I noticed that the gas tank was full.
I got in line at the car wash (I am cheap and like to wash it myself) and after a 20 min. wait, I was next in line with 3 cars behind me.
I jumped out to get some quarters at the change machine and while walking up to my car, I realized that my car was spotless.
Shiny, black (it had been grayish) and gleaming in the sunlight.
I was briefly confused. Was it clean when I got in it?
Then a light came on. He washed my car and filled the tank. How sweet. I love him!
Then embarrassment. Look at the moron taking up space at the car wash with her clean car- is she a princess?

So I did what any dork would do.
I rewashed it.
Stupid princess.

My husband is so gonna laugh at me.


  1. LOL; what a sweetie hubby you have though :)


  2. LOL!!! I would totally do the same thing!

  3. I probably would of done the same thing! lol

  4. Oh that is so funny and so like something that would happen to me....and often does. ha.


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