Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monolithic Monday (I meant to post part of this yesterday)

Long weekend.
Snow, driving the kid back to college, snow, laundry, snowy dog paws, dishes, snow boots everywhere, extra teen boys at the house, little sleep/

We (and by we, I mean Mel) booked our fabulous anniversary/Valentine's weekend (she and her hubby are going too!) trip and I cannot wait to get away.
I wish I could tell you where we are going but I promised my hubby I wouldn't divulge private things because he likes to be anonymous. Bleh.
We are renting a cottage on a lake and it is going to fabulous!

And then the next weekend will be my girls' weekend to the Winery.

Look who is getting all weird and social. I will probably not leave my house except for work the entire rest of the year after all this hoopla. I will grow to my couch.

I cooked dinner.
Rachael Ray's Chicken Parmesan Pasta Toss. Very good but I am gonna tweak it a little.
Also made a dutch apple crumble pie.
Ok, Mrs. Smith made it but I baked it.
I am the hero.

My Little One has a sinus infection.
I made him go to school sick and then had to pick him up and take him to the doctor where I got evil looks from him because, "mom, I told you I was stuffed up and couldn't breathe and had a fever"
In my own defense, he dislikes school this year and complains of being sick a lot to get out of Honors Geometry and English, so I tend to ignore the drama.
Bad mommy. At least I didn't have to send him to school with a beat-up face. That was my sisters job.
Love you Mel!
Vacation soon!

If you don't care about my Bachelor musings, go play in the other sandbox.
I will mention that i tend to be a little ruder than usual. I have PMS and these girls are really annoying lately.

Here is my Bachelor post and I will warn you that it will be full of spoilers and ruin your appetite.
After reading Reality Steve's site (he was right all along last year with the Molly/ Jason/ Melissa thing) and making my own guesses about probability vs. reality, I am almost convinced that indeed Vienna will win and that Ali is leaving next week, although he doesn't know exactly why.
It will be between Tenley and Vienna.

There is a Maxim shoot(somewhere on the internet and I think on his site) with Gia (poor, shy, under-confident Gia) with her old nose and her enhanced breastals. She didn't look shy to me.
There is also a photo of Vienna in a Burberry scarf. Just the scarf. And the plastic surgeons pride and joy. She might be in this for fame and the love of a good man. HA! I kill myself.
Ali works for Facebook. I will bet she has more friends than me. She has also tried out for reality shows before. Shocking.
At this point I don't like any of them much but it is a train wreck and I have to watch them pull the bodies out.

Ali- I hated the purple dress; hated the boots you had on with it. Together it was bad. Then you got them wet so I hope you threw them away. Loved the black and white striped top. You remind me of myself. Loved the yellow dresses. I wish you would wear lipgloss more often. Your hair annoys me. You are still the cutest.

Tenley- your voice is silly but I like the wardrobe. Good lipgloss choices. Good hair. A little too made up and almost fake sounding but who cares? I think you are actually genuine.

Corrie- the "I'm a virgin" thing is cute but I will be honest- (I took a poll) men want the woman to know a little what she is doing. If he waits til marriage with you, and you are dead in the sack, he is stuck with you or destined to dump you and look like a shmuck. I think you need to live together before marriage or at least stay the night now and again. Or there will be surprises and sadness. (this is my opinion people) It is no longer 1896. There are many fish in the sea and some are willing to put out (Vienna?) There is another man out there for you. He is probably still living with his mother. You shall meet. He will love you forever. Especially if you deflower him.

Gia- you are the most sexy but it is all because of surgery so I have to say, you were probably pretty before. I can picture you with a nightclub bouncer named Zack. Maybe an Italian shipping heir. They say you like athletes.

Vienna- you know how I feel sweetie. You are sad, spoiled (in a creepy "I love my daddy and he paints my toenails on Sundays" way, you look a little cross-eyed, you dress like the gals from Real Housewives of OC, your highlights are brassy (get some Aveda Blue Malva shampoo), your voice annoys me and my dogs, and I think all of those car wrecks have jiggled the brain loose because you are not quite right. Even if you win, it will not last. Take my word. You almost ruined my love of Burberry. Almost.
Oh, when Jake said you were sexy and he was turned on when you came into his room with the booze and the boobs, I lost most of my dinner into the back of my throat. Men really are so simple, aren't they? I can be wearing sweats and have a glass of Strawberry Fanta in my hand and my husband gets the look. Doesn't take much.

If you want the Steve version, go here (I agree with most of what he has said and I even guessed some of the things he swears are true.


  1. I think you're right on with the Bachelor stuff. I have liked Tenley up until that show, and then somehow she started sounding to me like she was talking baby talk all the time. It was annoying.

    And I don't know what about Vienna got Jake all hot and bothered. I think she's ugly and annoying. I hope she doesn't go all the way (to the end of the show I mean, not THAT "all the way," though she will. Even if Corrie won't!), but I'm afraid she will.

    I still like Ali best. And I had the same thought as you about the boots, before and after she went in the water with them on.

  2. so glad you came up with a place to go to celebrate your anniversary and your sister/hubby are coming along with you/hubby; sounds like fun (but the next week at the winery sounds even funner, although typically funner is not a word, but I use it all the time, LOL)

    sorry about the Little One's sinus infection; honestly, I would be the same way if I had Honors Geometry; Algebra both times I took it (me and helping son with his homework) did me in

    Mrs. Smith does bake the most delicious pies, doesn't she?


  3. I'm jealous of all your get-aways!

  4. LOL on the Bachelor musings. I watched it one time just so I could get a sense of the characters. Tenley's voice immediately put me off. Thanks for the update, now I don't have to waste my time on the show!

    Can't wait to hear where your romantic getaway was and to see pictures.

    Take care of little one. You may need him to take care of you 40 or so years from now... just saying...

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, that's all....


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