Saturday, February 27, 2010

There's sharks in them waters

Here I am cleaning the entire house.
My back and head are killing me.
I cut open my finger while cleaning the bathroom, I am wearing an interesting outfit, my hair is sticking up and I have circles under my eyes which might be mascara and might be permanent bags.

Doorbell rings as I am vacuuming the stairs.
I open the door a few inches to see a teeny tiny boy and a woman.
The teeny tiny boy is wearing a teeny tiny suit and his hair is slicked over to the side.
He is holding what appears to be a Bible.
He smiles and in his teeny tiny voice starts talking to me about shark skin.
How it is smooth if you rub it one way and rough the other.
I notice the woman is smiling and looking at him, never looking at me.
She is holding a Watchtower magazine.
I knew it.
Jehovah's Witnesses.

They are crafty, they are, sending a baby to do their work.

I smile the whole time the boy is talking about sharks and quoting verses.
Then when he stops talking, I say thank you, have a nice day and shut the door.

I didn't get the symbolism of the sharks.

Or maybe I do.
Maybe they are the sharks.
And I was bitten.
By a teeny tiny boy.
I already know I am a Christian and they cannot sway me from my beliefs.

I wonder how many people slammed the door in the face of a teeny tiny shark in a teeny tiny suit today.
I didn't.
God loves me.

And I never pet sharks.


  1. You do realize that Jehovah is God, right? lol

    I would have done the same thing. Listened to him and shut the door.

  2. but Jehovah is Yahweh who is God. But Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult. So they took God's name and made him in the image they wanted to practice their beliefs. But what is scary is they go and evangelize their beliefs. Hmmmmmmmm......makes me wonder if perhaps I should go and evangelize my beliefs.....

    that being said, sorry your back and head hurt when you were cleaning house. I'm thinking perhaps you need to stay away from those activities that cause such pain :)

    hoping you feel better now

    (I'm always polite when other religions come to the door)


  3. Point taken.
    I did not know Jehovah was God.
    I need to do less cleaning and more Bible reading.
    And less doorbell answering.

  4. Oh my, that was a dirty trick. And I too wonder what the point of the shark story was. Probably just to get you to listen. My grandma taught me to hide when they come knockin'.

  5. I think you handled this just right. But geez, sending that cute little boy to the door is kind of a dirty trick don't you think. I would have been expecting a candy bar sales pitch! The last time we were in Florida, sis and I were waiting for the little market to open. Sitting at a picnic table, smelling the salt air, a nice young lady sat down beside us and starting talking, asked where we were from, didn't we think the area was beautiful. Then the witnessing started. I couldn't believe it. Luckily the store opened soon after or I might have become rude. Kathy


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