Thursday, February 18, 2010

Too tired to think up a catchy title

This probably won't surprise anyone who even remotely knows me and my insane worries about nothing important.
I do not know what to wear on the $&#*^# wine tour.

I envisioned myself in black jeans, cute flats, a cashmere long sleeved t-shirt and a long, beautiful scarf.
I have the flats.

We will be traipsing through 6 vineyards, sampling wines and chocolate inside a winery, visiting wine cellars and listening to people who use words like full-bodied and aromas and fermenting.
I like my wine like I like my men: fruity and sweet.
If I have to taste anything red and dry I shall surely barf and that would surely count me out for any future get-togethers with these girls.

But back to clothing.
I planned to wear Uggs because it will be cold and snowy and maybe muddy but they are clompy and not at all girly.
I thought about some funky knee length boots with a small heel but then I would have to worry about the mud.
I thought about skinny jeans with the funky boots but that idea makes me sweat and cry.

So, I am going shopping tonight.
One of our employees just got off of house arrest (for DUI) and wants to go to the city to shop (she cannot drive for a year) and Mr. F volunteered me to take her shopping and to try my favorite sushi place.

When your husband tells you to go shopping and to eat sushi, you cannot refuse.

Plus, I really like this girl, she is trying to get her life together and looks up to me (comical, I know)

So, I am going to wander around aimlessly with a 25 year old who shops at Hollister and Aeropostale and Wet Seal and look for something to wear this weekend.

And get some Clinique mascara.

It is 10:30 in the morning and I have worn myself out worrying about what to wear to a winery in 2 days.

And I wonder why I am always so tired.


  1. I think flats are good with all that walking. THis sounds like a fun trip. Don't stress out! You will look fab. Also ignore the red dry wines. Barf is frowned upon at vineyards..I wouldn't know this first hand or anything....

  2. Oh my gosh, now I'm wondering what one does wear to a winery and how many times I've made a faux pas in that regard in the past!

  3. I'm not sure what you would wear to a winery, but I think the black jeans, flats and t-shirt sounds fine. Go get your shoppin' on!

  4. Just discovered you blog recently and really enjoy reading it. You really are a hoot.:) Have fun shopping!

  5. I just think it is soooo awesome what you and Mr. Funny are doing for your employee who is trying to (hopefully) get her life back in order; like I think I said before I just love mentoring like this, plus you got sushi and got to go shopping, does it get any better than that??

    I just know you found the right outfit(s) to wear on your winery weekend :)


  6. My recommendation: Adam Puchta Jazzberry wine with dark chocolate (or chocolate chips). It tastes like a chocolate covered cherry. My other Puchta fravorite is Vignoles. To die for!

    I vote for the black jeans, flats, and all of the other stuff you don't have. Shopping is fun!

    I love dry wines but keep the sweet on hand because that is what my kids go for. Actually, I haven't met very many wines that I don't like - other than those sold at the Amana Colonies in Iowa. Talk about yuck.

    LOL don't get me started on wines. They are my passionate weakness!


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