Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Family Fun

Now that pretty much everyone here at home and at work is some sort of sick, it is good times.
Fun times even.

The Little One went to the doctor, (not alone, I drove him but I made him pay the co-pay) (kidding)and he does indeed have strep.

And I still have a cough and a sore throat (if I have strep too, I will die from it because I have no time for the doctor) and a messy house but good news....I cleaned the kitchen and did 5 loads of laundry.

Our general manager at work has been out sick for days and my husband has been working more than the 39,84762546575 hours he already works and my MIL even worked an extra shift.
I am working tomorrow morning for Mr. Funny plus extra shifts when my MIL goes out of town for 2 weeks.

I got rid of Facebook for good this time.
Reading rude or unnecessary posts by friends and family members gets old fast.

I was over the whole thing the last time I de-activated the account but went back to talk to some high school friends to plan our trip this summer.

Since spring break started for the Big One, there has not not been one minute that he has been home that has been enjoyable what with his sense of entitlement and thinking the world revolves around HIM and others feelings don't seem to matter. His sleep and free time is all that matters to him. Everything we do or say annoys him since he is always talking on the phone or on the computer Skyping all night and sleeping all day and he has trashed his room.
He has used up all of his money, he hates Finn because he barks at him (he is loud and scares the dog) and he has no clothes plus all of our food is gross and I don't let him keep every light in the house on all the time. Also, I won't let his out of town friends crash here (people are sick for crying out loud) and I give him a curfew (some of us work and need to be up early)
He has wet towels all over his room, never puts a dish in the dishwasher and leaves trash and food all over.
When we try to talk to him, he says we are yelling or too picky or we have stupid rules.
Then he tells everyone how awful we are and of course they believe him because he is sweet to his friends- they never see the side if him that we do.

What I am trying to say is that I need a break from spring break.

I am going to finish my laundry and housework and take a much needed nap.


  1. Go take a nap! you deserve it. I remember fighting with my parents my first year home from college. It was nasty!! But by sophomore year we fell into a nice pattern and things got better!

  2. i miss you. i was a bad friend. you were here. i did not see you. i suck.

    i hope you get some rest and relax a bit.

  3. I had a friend once who cried when her son moved out...and then he moved back home and suddenly she wasn't so glad to have him back! Glad you got some laundry but you reminded me that my pile of towels is about 3 feet tall now and my dang daughter's dog barfed on her bedding so that makes the pile about 4 feet tall. There is going to be a riot in the laundry room soon~!

    Hope your Friday night goes well at least.

  4. I can understand your frustration. My daughter recently moved back home due to a job loss. Looks like a hurricane hit the place, wherever she's been. She refuses to eat with us, etc. I could just scream. No end in sight.

  5. sorry about Little One, strep is nasty, you take care of yourself and if you think you have it, do go to the doctor. sorry about Big One. They just don't realize how good they have it. Maybe next year you need to take a cruise or something during spring break and leave him to fend for himself. And I agree, I wouldn't open up my house to "strangers" if people are sick in your family and I also agree on the curfew, especially if he makes a lot of noise. hugs to you.......this too shall pass :)


  6. You know, I think it might be time for the Big One to have a reality check. Many of the colleges (or churches) have spring break and summer mission trips. It might be beneficial to go on one. It needs to be one where he does actual manual labor and lives with a family who has nothing. It won't change their attitude overnight but it will at least give them something to think about.
    My husband and I have talked so much about the sense of entitlement that kids today seem to have. Even ones who show appreciation and gratitude are generally clueless about the way those outside their circle exist. We have said for years that college is about learning to live on a budget and doing without. Unlimited meal plans, fantastic housing and state of the art campuses are not quite what we had in mind. These kids are in for a rude awakening when they graduate and are responsible for supporting themselves!

  7. I did about 10 loads of laundry, and I best not see another dirty piece of clothing around anywhere!

    My kids never go away! They have their own apartments, and they still come over and trash my place!


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