Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to look good, smell good and remove dog hair all in one blog

You will all be happy to know that I am still alive.
I finally started feeling better yesterday and since we were both off work, we took a trip to the city to get a few much needed items.

Because God forbid I get low on lipgloss, mascara and toilet paper.

I had Mr. Funny drop me off at the mall so I could go to Sephora without him rushing me.
I could seriously spend all day there.
I went in for my favorite ever lipgloss.
Bare Minerals in Cupcake- oh it goes on smooth and smells divine.
They were out of it so I got Sangria instead.

I also grabbed some of this in Glam.

Yes, I am the girl with 7,436 different brands of lipglosses in almost the same colors.

Get over it.

Then I hopped over to Dillards to get a mascara (I did not like the curling one I got a few weeks ago) and she told me if I got the last primer too, I would get the bonus gift.
Oh magic words, how I love thee!
My mother and I sure did love us some Clinique bonus gift bags.
I really don't have an opinion about the primer but I got a bronzer, self tanner, lipgloss, makeup bag, lipstick, moisturizer and extra super moisturizer for free. With $21.50 purchase.
So, almost free.

Then since I was high on my good fortune, I went to The Body Shop and it was buy one get one 1/2 off!!
The guy was way more into body wash and scented oil than any man ought to be and when I told him the girl that was there last time didn't want to sell me the Satsuma body oil, he said "well, that hooker!" but honestly, he was the friendliest little flaming Body Shop worker ever and I loved him a lot. Plus, he called me a hottie so you know he was probably a little blind as well.
I ended up with Sweet Lemon and Strawberry shower gel.

I avoided the clothing and shoes and didn't go near the Coach store.

Then we went to Target and as much as I have properly trained my husband, he still sees no difference between Walmart and Target and that is a crime.
You cannot just zip through Target.
One must sniff around, as my mother always used to say.

Speaking of which, I saw a woman pumping gas yesterday who looked and dressed and had some of the mannerisms of my mom.
I kept staring at her and when Mr. Funny got in the car, I said "that woman looks like my mom!" and he said "it's not her".
And I said:
"Of course it's not, she didn't drive a Honda"

Strange conversations we have.

I see people every once in a while that remind me of someone who has passed away and there is some weird part of my brain that thinks it might still be them and I stare at them, trying to process it and make sense of it.

The Little One is still sick.
He was in our bed off and on last night with a high fever and he slept all day yesterday and watched Where the Wild Things Are and refused to take his antibiotic so I had to threaten and force him.

Mr. Funny's birthday was Sunday.
We all 4 went to the Outback for dinner before the Big One drove (yes, I gave him back his car because it is a huge pain to drive him 8 plus hours round trip) back to college.

I had planned to take the Little One to the military and ammo museum tomorrow (thrilling, no?) but the way he has been, I think I will wait til Friday.

After much begging and pleading, Mr. Funny got me a gift. Gift?

The Dyson DC 28 purple pet hair vacuum.
I have the Dyson Slim for the upstairs and I adore it!
This one is equally fabulous and has many attachments and features.
Now if I can just find someone to turn it on and push it for me, and then empty it and put it away.


  1. if we can share the Dyson DC 28, I'll gladly vacuum your house. that's on my wish list one day

    sounds like you had an enjoyable day and I'm glad you are feeling better; sorry Little One isn't. If he hasn't turned the corner by tomorrow, check in with the doctor, maybe they need to change the antibiotic.

    Happy Belated Birthay to Mr. Funny! I love the Outback food!


  2. 1. feel better soon. that means you need to be pampered.

    2. those glosses = gorgeous. i need each one.

    3. i need new bath stuff so thanks for directing me in the right direction.

    4. you have a dyson! damn you. kidding, of course.


  3. A lipgloss called cupcake sounds like something that you have to have! I love Bare Minerals, but I hate spending the money for it! I use to love the gift bags from Clinique. Hope the little one gets to feeling better.

  4. I'm not such a lip gloss collector - but I seriously have an illness when it comes to chapstick. 3 tubes in my work desk drawer (all different). Likely 3+ on my nightstand. One in my pocket. And a few in my bag...

    There should be a support group.

    Love the flaming Body and Bath dude! Seriously, I need a male friend that will call ladies "hooker" and me "hottie".

  5. That's weird. Your comment did not show up until just now. Odd. I obviously was talking about my real sisters, dork. Chinamommy and I have talked a bit and I'm following her now too. She's sweet!

  6. That is like 5 posts. If I didn't have Alzheimers I would remember all of the things I wanted to comment on. Here is what I remember...LOVE Target (you are right...he is wrong), lipstick rocks, I see my Dad every couple of months in weird places (He died 7 years ago. But it is strangely comforting now when it happens.) I am ashamed that I didn't remember Laverne and Shirley on our vlog. Lord forgive me! Holly

  7. This is your Best Post Ever.
    You had me "Oooo-ing" and laughing at the same time.
    You had your snarky wife and your patient mom.
    You had a little flip, some sap, and consumer reports all in one.
    Well rounded performance. =)

    (The mom thing - I SO get the mom thing.)


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