Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I had a huge list of stupid errands to take care of yesterday.
I am a procrastinator.
Here is my list:
  • take coat to the cleaners (the coat I wore all over NYC- on the filthy subway, in nasty cabs, brushed up against 5,9375767 people in the city- in December)
  • get the 16x20 canvas of my son's senior picture framed (he is in college now and yes, I found a custom frame and yes, my husband gasped at the price)
  • got lightbulbs (ok, I have all different sized bulbs in my fixtures, I bought some replacements at Walmart that said they would last a year.....2 weeks for the first one, less for the second. Crap. I now buy all bulbs at the light specialty store. Walmart sucks as usual)
  • looked for ammo (ok, this was HIS errand, he wants some fancy new hollow points so I can slaughter someone quickly if they decide to break in, get past 4 dogs and the super duper hi tech alarm system to steal our what? tv? laptop? vacuum? or maybe the gun... (hint: it will be in my hand)
  • have lunch (but I was forced to wait)
  • do payroll (every Monday- you know those people like to get paid every week)
  • deposit checks, pay bills, answer calls
  • get milk (oops!)
  • read water meter (yes I have to read my own)
  • finish laundry
  • wash dog bed blankets
  • go to feed store for grass seed, peanut butter dog biscuits and dog crate (that Skip keeps peeing on my carpet and he's gonna lose some vital body parts so I am locking him up when we leave) did not remember grass seed but did play with super cute baby chicks and told them how cute they are and that Mr. Funny was just kidding when he said they were future dinner
  • hang pictures (that are still waiting to be hung from when we moved here) did not get done
  • clip dogs nails (oops!)
  • worm dogs (done)
  • get dog food (way out in the boonies at the only store that carries it- it is made locally)
So, most of the things got done but as usual, we ran into people who talk to us and we can never get away fast enough for me and then we end up not finishing. My stuff is mostly done and the house (praise Jesus) is still clean so I have time to blog about the things I don't have time to do.

The Bachelor.
After all the other girls were gone, I decided he and Vienna were perfect for each other and even though Tenley was the sweetest ever, she did not rock his monkey or stir his pudding or whatever. I see that now.
What he should have said to her was this "I like you but you do not make me feel funny in my pants like Vienna does" but instead he said there was emotional chemistry but no physical chemistry. So, essentially: "I want to marry you but sleep with Vienna"

I hated all of the off the shoulder dresses.
Tenley's hair was cute.
I want to go to St. Lucia and make out on a boat.
The flowers were fabulous.
I thought Vienna's hair looked greasy and her roots were awful on the dates.
The ring was gorgeous.
They are still together which is something.
She is his baby which I think is cute because my hubby says that about me.
I think Ali is annoying after all because she had to leave for her Facebook job but she quit it to be the Bachelorette.
I will still watch because I am simple that way.
Reality Steve was again right about everything.

Glee starts next month.


  1. I was still hoping he'd dump them both and run after Ally, but it didn't look like that would happen from what RS said. grrrrr... I don't know why I watch the stupid show. But yes, I will be watching the next one too!

  2. Your list sounds about like mine, minus the floor peeing dog. Of course I work for a vet, so I deal with all sort of bodily fluids every day! Don't watch the Bachelor, but I CAN"T WAIT for Glee! Kathy

  3. Hey! I went to St. Lucia on my honeymoon, and while we stayed at Sandals and not all the private places they stayed, the place is absolutely gorgeous. The locals are very friendly and beautiful, too. Lots of great shopping and excursions. We are going back for our 10 year unless we are really poor. In that case, we will pop up a pool in the back yard and get a sitter for the night.

  4. That was quite a list.
    I am so glad we don't have to read our water meter anymore.
    Did you see where the Bachelor is going to be on Dancing with the Stars?

  5. i'm with you - they are perfectly cheesy together! Not sure what i think of Alli, but i WILL be watching and so will my hubby although he will be peeking out from behind his book so I don't think he's watching! :)
    Oh those dogs.... i hope you love them because that is WAY too much dog-work!!!
    Happy weekend :)


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