Saturday, March 6, 2010

I hope you are stoked at this tubular bitchin blog post totally.

All this spring cleaning is cutting into my blog time, fer sher totally. (somebody sent me the "words of the 80's" on FB and those were some of them)
Get a life.

I got up all full of energy and went to the restaurant for some bacon and french toast and to drop Miss Molly Moo at the groomer (she was so excited to go bye bye til we got to our destination and then she was disgusted with me and peed all over the floor at the doggie spa)
Then I went back home and worked a little on the garage, washed all of the sheets in the house, and dusted, vacuumed and washed the windows in the Big Ones room because he may or may not be home for spring break this week. He has an agenda visiting several friends at nearby colleges who are still in school and coming home at some point to discuss getting his car back.

I opened the windows upstairs and it is such a warm and beautiful day- sad to be cleaning but it needs to be done.
I am blasting the Glee soundtrack and working on washing ceiling fans and the globes and other light fixtures and baseboards and why am I killing myself when I should be sitting outside?

This is all over the place. Don't have a cow.

Anyway, Molly looks like her princess self again and today is Finn's birthday and he is ONE!
He has been sleeping out of the crate on Mr. Funny's side of the bed and has not chewed anything and he is such a good boy compared to a few months ago. Sike!

Yesterday when I was driving through the neighborhood I saw a dog running around and I thought "he looks familiar" and sure enough, it was Skip so the ground is warm enough for digging now.
You always know when spring is here when the Funny's stupid dog runs free in the hood.
Damn diggingest dog.

I am slowly crossing the things off my to do list this week and by next weekend, hopefully I will be done with most of it and I can go visit my sisters during the Little One's spring break and relax a little.
Because her house is very relaxing with the 2 kids and 2 dogs and husband that works all the time and all the water line work in her neighborhood and her insane desire to do the P90X workout.
But at least it is away from the crap here and isn't it funny how someone elses crazy house is a vacation away from your own?
I am bringing Molly with me too because Skip went last time.

Mr. Funny got his new gun and was positively chomping at the bit to go out to his mom's and target practice today and the Little One wanted to shoot too so I have some extra time to clean and blog and add to my never ending list from hell.
Did I mention it is 60 degrees and sunny today? Rad.

Seriously, I am almost falling asleep at how boring this post is but I had not written since Tuesday and I felt like a failure at the blog.
Just read this at bedtime and you will nod right off out of exhaustion from all the work you read about and how dull I am. Take a chill pill.

I am going to finish making beds and get in the shower before the boys get home and want to go eat.

I watched Real Housewives of New York last night and it was so "gag me with a spoon" I hate it. I prefer the OC girls and their sad lives to the max.

Gotta motor.


  1. Your killing me with the 80's talk. lol
    At least your dog peed in the spa. I picked my dog up from the spa, and she waited and peed on my seat. I'm not talking about a little tinkle either!!
    You can come clean my house when your done with yours.

  2. I just want to say I used to be a housewife (okay maybe a working housewife) over in OC and did I ever get on their program? I should have been too. I think the two years I lived there were two of the saddest ones in my life. Honestly, that place is one weird place. Never saw so many stuck up, skinny people with expensive cars in the same place at the same time as I did there.

    Loved your all over the place post, especially with Skip being on the loose. at least you spotted him before he got picked up by animal control.

    I do hope Big One decides to spend some of spring break with you guys. It is always good to see them, isn't it?


  3. P90X makes me feel like a super hero. You are correct about my awful neighborhood and it is only getting worse. At this point there are few streets you can actually drive down without fearing for your life. I am going to go around and take pics so that I can post them. Skip is a heathen, but it's possible Percy is worse. My kids are begging me to play cars with them. I've put it off for 2 hours, and now it's just neglect.

  4. Yo! You know, I like, you know, totally, you know, know, like, how you feel. TOTALLY!


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