Monday, March 29, 2010

No wonder I am tired what with all of this senseless drivel

It's Monday, 11 pm and I am going to bed.

We are doing lots of cleaning and purging of crap at work.
The things I have found in boxes from the previous owner.........
Pack rat.

Going to visitation tomorrow for the wonderful lady who passed away. One of my favorite customers. Her husband and family were in for lunch today and when he saw me coming to the table, he reached out and grasped my hand and told me how lucky she was to get to go to Heaven.
Yep, that sent the tears rolling.
He is so happy for her, but we are so sad for us to be without her.

Stopped by the pond guys shop today to set up a time for him to clean and open back up the pond.
He should be here in the next few weeks.
Still cannot feed the fish yet, water has to be 65 or over consistently.
I found a spitting frog water feature to add to it also.

I am pretty sure our Wisteria is a goner.
I am going to give it another couple of weeks and then play Taps and get another one to train to wind around the pergola.
We are going to plant some more honeysuckle too, the dogs tromped them to death.

We need to mulch all of the gardens.
Do I order a truckload of much and do it ourselves risking back pain and divorce or do we hire the landscaper who planted all of our trees and shrubs last year and then have to eat ramen noodles for a month?
We got rid of the mulch and put river stones all around the pond and it looks great but stones are not realistic for all the ground we have to cover.

Mr. Funny has been using hot dogs to train Finn.
I slacked off with the training when it got cold and he needs to shape up!
He needs to back to dog school a few times so I can use her methods.
She trains German Shepherds for the police force and drug enforcement agencies.
She is good but since I asked her if her cow, which was really a bull, was pregnant, I feel dumb around her.
From a distance, male penises parts can look like udders. And that bull was a fatty. When you are blind (and blonde?) things appear different.

Picked up a ton of groceries after work and had dinner as a family at home.
I am not fond of spaghetti with Italian sausage.The boys are though and Mr. was cooking.
Picked up some Easter stuff, birthday cards for brother and nephew, poster board and markers for Little One's Chemistry assignment on Lithium.
Guess who got voted to do the assignment help?
We used black poster board and silver paint pens to make the project.
I still have the creativity. I still remember the D- I made in Chemistry in high school. I still remember memorizing the periodic table in college and making a B.
The Little One is way smarter since is only a freshman and he has an A.

Guess the Big One won't be home for Easter weekend.
I will be working anyway.
He never calls and since I am without Facebook, I wonder if he is still even in college- I cannot check on him.

We had a great time at the huge antique shop yesterday.
Saw some Civil War and WW1 relics and some cool guns. Guns are not cool but Little One loves them.
I didn't buy a thing.

I need some cute spring flats.
And tops.
Still got my winter flab. And some from 1998.
It can leave anytime.

Been walking the dogs again.
My iPod music from last summer sucks.
I need some new songs.
Any ideas?

Anyone still conscious?
I need to get to bed before husband, he has been killing me with his snoring and I have a hard enough time staying asleep.
He might be sleeping with the fishes soon. Out by the pond. Or the Italian way. Out in the pond. With a cinder block around the ankle.
Nah, the pond is 3 feet deep in the center.



  1. you are tooo funny! Big One is just at that age, they are sooooo self centered and it is all about them. He will call when he needs something(money). Otherwise, just realize he wants his independence (and nothing to do with you). I know it hurts though. One day he will be a parent and you will get your revenge.

    so sorry about that wonderful lady who passed, but at least she is in heaven, that is always a good place to be

    I'll send you my winter flab from 1999 in exchange from yours of 1998, not sure if this is a good thing for either of us

    hope you are tucked into bed by now


  2. don't worry about that cow.... bull... whatever! i had a cat named Sophie, i had to change HIS name to Mr. Sophie after the vet pointed to this one....errr.... spot! i swear with cats you don't know till their balls drop! i'm more interested in shoes and clothes than animals & the fact that they do or don't have nuts!!

  3. Sorry about your friend passing away. I think it is neat that you become close to your customers like that.

    Hope you got some sleep. Hubby snores too... but then, so do I...


  4. LOL...LOL... This entire post made me smile.

  5. All I can say is oh Lord, this was the best laugh of my week. Thank you.


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