Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This post may cause your eyes to become heavy

Last week, (spring break) the Little One was sick with strep throat.
He slept most of the time and I took a daily nap with him.
I do love me a nap!

Sunday after work, it was freezing and raining so I took a nap and he joined me.
Yesterday, after work, I laid down with a heating pad on my neck (stupid nerve again) and when I woke up, he was napping next to me.
Today (after throwing the ball for the dogs for an hour and he climbed up to the top of the pergola and enjoyed the sunshine and 75 degree temps) while he was practicing his euphonium for districts this Sat., I read blogs.
He sat down awhile ago and fell asleep. Just like that.

He wears Journeys colored socks. Just like his brother did all through high school- they can never match.

There is a napping gene and I passed it on.
Too bad he never had it as a baby.

Makes me tired just watching him.
High school is exhausting!

Saturday night Mr. Funny and I headed to Petco to get Finn a bed.
Then we went to Pier 1 to look around.

He found some cool large chess pieces for the office, I found a metal rooster and got Little One this great plane.
Here is the pic from the website but I got the more distressed one.
He loves it.
I am going to put it up on his armoire but there is much dust there.
I will add dusting his armoire to his list. Dusting is on his weekly cleaning list but since the armoire is very tall, he misses it.
Here is his.

We had a great dinner of oysters Rockefeller, wedge of iceberg salad and salmon with asparagus and hollandaise at one of our favorite restaurants.

This week is going to kick my butt because I am working extra days, I am behind on laundry, and I am procrastinating.
Bad combo.
I also have some shows to catch up on.

I am going to run up (not really run) to work to get some pancakes, all of a sudden they sounded good!

Deanna- those pics are amazing! I made it to your blog but never commented yet so I am now.
I am so glad you posted them!


  1. LOL with your Little One and naps, my theory is, since mine didn't sleep either as a baby and now sleeps all the time is that they are just catching up on what they missed long ago

    now I'm hungry for pancakes.....and I'm dieting...

    take care of yourself don't work too hard


  2. I love to nap. Don't get to do it much anymore.

  3. Enjoy reading your blog. I don't think my teen gets enough sleep. She catches up on Saturday mornings. That seems to work most of the time. However, she got lots of sleep on spring break and still got sick. She gets sinus/colds a lot.

    Hope your week is not kicking your butt. Mine is trying to. But hasn't yet.

    Take care.

  4. when i would nap in college, i would dream i was paralyzed and it was horrid, so i don't take naps even though college was YEARS ago...
    love the socks- that happens to me sometimes but i never notice till i'm away from the house...
    good luck with your busy week!!

  5. i wish i could nap. my naps turn into sleeps. lol.

    ok. pier one, you cannot walk out of there without SOMETHING. i love that place.

    this week needs to end. i hear ya, sista.

  6. Loved the little one's socks. My son wrestled in high school and he always had to have bright colored shoe laces that didn't match in his shoes. Kids can be so strange.

    I love Pier 1. You got some good stuff.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. I took well over 100. It was hard to decide what to post.
    Is it nap time yet?

  7. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be just a tad sick to have guilt free napping rights.

    Just sayin'


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