Thursday, March 18, 2010

This should have been posted days ago but I was busy doing who knows what

Yesterday, after grocery shopping and picking up a new carpet shampooer (I realize mine was not old but it was not good or easy to use), I came home to undo some of Kona's damage from her stomach bug.
I did not post pictures of the upstairs hallway or Mr. Funny's office and you should thank me for that.

I love the new shampooer.
It really got the stains (and revolting smell) out.

Then, since it was late and we were starving, we made this pot roast.
And these mashed potatoes. I also made them on Thanksgiving and they are so good.
They have 2 sticks of real butter in them which is why they are yellow as Mr. Funny commented.
So anyway, because we think ahead and because we were starving, we made a meal that takes 30 min. prep time and 3 hours in the oven.

It was our midnight dinner and we loved it!
As Little One put it "why can't we eat at midnight? I don't have school and we have nothing else to do!"
I am raising him to be healthy.


  1. Are you crazy!!!!! Definitely looks good.

  2. I'm spending next year's spring break at your house; you serve good food at the most ungodly hours and I bet you guys all had a blast doing so!

    looks delicous!!

    I'm serious, set an extra plate at the table :)



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