Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 1

Here we are at the Big One's school.
We left home Sunday morning and it was 75 degrees by 8am.
We drove in rain the entire day and when we got there, it was in the 50s and rainy.
Everything was green and beautiful around campus, I wanted a photo of him tiptoeing through the tulips so badly.

The concert was amazing. These were taken afterward.
I asked him why he looked so tired and he said he had gotten up at 1:oo.
He also said his room mate keeps the temp set at 65 degrees and his eyes are practically frozen shut every day.

We went to check into the hotel and unwind before dinner.
Here is the room.
(The bed was too firm and my back hurt the entire night.)
We watched the Sex and the City movie and relaxed with our iPads.

We let Big One invite a friend and we went for Italian food.
I use that term loosely.
The food was not great.
Our waitress was named Chanel. Her server number (on the check) was #4.
Chanel #4. Ha!
She was cute but vacant- the light were on and nobody was home.
Also? They misspelled Wednesday on the front door.
It said "Wend piano bar night"
Mr. and I had the shrimp scampi, it was lousy. The strawberry cheesecake was delish and the bread with garlic and basil infused olive oil was very good as well.

After dinner, Big One had juries (testing on his solos and scales in front of 4 judges for his final grade) and we listened in to a few other kids as well.
They were all very talented but every one of them said they were terrible.
Hard on themselves much?

We stopped at the store and picked up some Citron vodka and tonic water and went to the hotel to tear it up.
We also bought a coffee maker, some Starbucks coffee, cream and real cups.
The coffee in the room awful and you KNOW what they do in those coffee pots.
I found out in New York. (my sister told me)
Not sure if it is true but we needed a new pot at home anyway so we got one.

I had a drink, a shower, another drink and fell asleep.

So much for tearing it up.


  1. too funny about buying a coffee maker! I don't think I ever knew of anyone buying that while they were on vacation (you need to get one of those Keurig machines and bring it with you when you travel with their little disposable coffee container thingies)

    Big One looks so handsome and happy! (is the friend he brought a friend or a "friend"; she's pretty)


  2. Wait! What exactly do they do to the coffee pots in hotel rooms??!!


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