Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 2 (with even more self portraits)

Day 2.
Got up.
Had coffee. Showered. More coffee.
Watched a show on Discovery Channel about piranhas. (husband had the remote)
When Mr. got in the shower I changed it to HGTV (I miss cable) and watched Sell My House for 2 hours.
Found a place (iPhone app Around Me) for lunch.
Had fried chicken sandwich and tea.
Mr. had a tenderloin sandwich.He refuses to take a decent picture which annoys me to no end.

Went to the college to talk to Big One's advisor and instructor.
He was busy so I killed time in the restroom with my camera.
I am easily amused.

Talked to professor, walked around a little (still raining and cold) and went back to room to relax again.
It was weird not having anything to do.
We went out and shopped a little at the downtown shops and I got a couple of tops, a pair of cargo khakis and a pair of jeans. No, I did not need clothes. We looked at the nursery for plants and went back to chill again.
Mr. Funny took the Big One to pick up a few things for the dance and grabbed him some McDonalds. (yuck)

I stayed in the room, watched more HGTV and took pictures.
I really am able to keep myself busy, don't you think?

Then we went to the dance thing. It was a bunch of different dances, hip hop, crunk, ballet, break dancing, etc.
I do not know what crunk even is. Ok, now I do.

It was fun and amazing how those kids worked so hard at something that looked so fun.
At intermission, there was a dance party. We stayed in our seats.
Our son should have thanked us although back in the day, I could rip up the dance floor.
Vodka helped.
But I was really good. I have moves you will never know of.
At one point, I looked around and said to my husband, "we are the oldest ones here".
He pointed to another parent who had little hair and was older by far.
Ok, I was the 3rd oldest.

He didn't want close ups because he was wearing stage eyeliner.
I wouldn't give him time to wash it off so he wore it to dinner.

Here is a recording I took on my camera of one of the dances.
(Click on 4 arrows next to word Vimeo to enlarge.)
My son is in the back left at first and then in the middle and comes to the front at about 2:06.
Excuse the language at the beginning, it IS college.

Dance College Style from Funny in My Mind on Vimeo.

After the show, we invited the kids to dinner at Ruby Tuesday.
It was 3 girls and Big One. (a lot of the others had early finals)
We had a total blast.
Our waiter was in the Big One's acting class (he was 32 and it was his last night before moving to California to see Hollywood and make it BIG) and he was equally fun.
The girls said we were very cool parents and we invited them to come stay a weekend this summer.
I have a feeling our house will be very busy with all of the new friends he made this year.

We ate until we couldn't move and then we took them back to their dorms and apts so they could hang out and we went back to the hotel.
Mr. Funny fell asleep and I did what I do best.
I watched House Hunters til 3am.


  1. LOL! Give you a mirror and a camera and you are set!

    Looks like it was a good time, I'm looking forward to Mr. 18's first Parent weekend in sunny San Diego in the fall.

    P.S. Liked all your outfits in your self portraits. :)

  2. I love how you can amuse yourself doing the simplest of things! sounds like it was a great time with Big One and friends!

    I don't think I know what crunk is....



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