Friday, April 23, 2010

Feed the Children

Apparently, our son is starving to death at college.
He isn't weak enough to slow down on his Facebook posting (according to all the people I know who still partake in the ridiculousness of a.)Facebook and b.) being friends with my son on said Facebook.
We bought him a meal plan at the beginning of school, which we just guessed at because who really knows how often he is going to get to the cafeteria (do they call it that?) and how much he is going to eat and if he will even get up in time to eat breakfast.
He was able to use the card at the on campus store to buy junk food (for a higher price than driving to the grocery store) which is where things went downhill so he burned through his meal plan.
He also has a debit card that we deposit money into every Friday with plenty for extras. (we thought) and I sent him a generous McDonalds gift card last week for a treat.

Last night he called his dad and told him he hadn't eaten all day and his meal plan had run out and he was out of cash.
I was very upset at first until I realized that he brought this on himself.
He was careless and irresponsible and had to go hungry in return.
He waited until the last minute to mention it.
I was really more angry than upset because he should have at least some snacks in his room (I sent a box last week with the gift card)
And he has friends who have money to loan him (he loans money as well)

I am over it now.
His money was automatically deposited at midnight and my husband got him a meal card to use these last 2 weeks of school.
Is starving one day going to help him learn to be responsible? Doubtful.
Do we, as parents, want our kids to be well fed and clothed and always comfortable and safe and happy?
Of course we do but in doing this, I fear we are creating a monster, so to speak.

My sister told him Facebook, when he was whining to the entire internet, to "pretend it is a religious fast"
Leave it to Mel to make me laugh when I am feeling crappy.


  1. I LOVE the cartoon. I'm gonna have to steal it.

  2. you know how I am with my kid. I would have wired him money; now that is pathetic (me not you)

    I think you are more than generous. He (and my son) need to learn to manage their money, debit card, gift cards, whatever.

    what is he going to do all summer?? can't believe the school year is almost over, wow it went fast

    (email me with what he is going to do because I usually don't come back to check to see if you commented on the comment page)

    we can only hope one day when they have kids........


  3. I am totally with you on the struggling thing. How many times did we struggle as kids and go without? Maybe not just food, but clothes, trips, outings, home phone, electricity, etc. I firmly believe it made us better people and it's about time A learns some of that. I will make sure my kids learn the same thing in time.

  4. A religious fast...that is HILARIOUS! I feel your pain, my dear. I had to take Legare to task last weekend when I got my credit card statement. We give him money for rent and all the costs associated with electricity, water, cable, etc. We pay his car payment and car insurance and buy his clothes and give him money for gasoline. We buy his clothes. He pays for NOTHING. Even giving him all of that up front, he STILL put $800 on my VISA card last month. I keep telling myself, "one more year of law more year of law more year of law school." Hope we don't go to the poor house before then.


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