Friday, April 30, 2010

Foopy Friday

The weekend is off to a less than stellar start.We had some nasty storms which caused a power outage at home and work.
I decided to take a nap until the lights (and DSL) came back on and ended up sleeping too long.
Mission not accomplished.
I got a little bit of weeding done before the rains hit us but not enough to make me happy.
After the storm ended and the power came back on, the sky cleared up and then the tornado sirens started.WTH?I am out looking at the sky thinking, "NOW? YOU GO OFF NOW???????"

I guess a big transformer blew in town (which triggered the tornado sirens) and most people were out of power for quite awhile.When power resumed, the restaurant got very busy.
Then the phones at work weren't working.
One of the employees answered when I called and snapped at me because she couldn't hear me.
Snapped at me.
Her boss.I finally got a hold of my husband and had him clear it up that polite phone etiquette is a must.
Phones are fixed, power has resumed and it is thundering and raining again.

Oh, and the compressor is dead for our huge walk-in freezer.
The one that holds thousands of dollars in food.
Dead freezers are bad.On a Friday, when our refrigeration guy is going on a cruise tomorrow at 6am and we have no leads on a new compressor or someone to install it if we find one.
My husband had to quickly purchase a large chest freezer which doesn't even begin to hold what we need.

Things can only get better, right?
Also? I stumbled upon this website. Fun!
uberchicforcheap.blogspot.comAnd some more fun jewelry!

These 2 monogrammed necklaces are perfect for Mother's Day
You can find them here.

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  1. one can only hope tomorrow will be better; wow what a day indeed! but at least you guys are all safe, right? the other things can be dealt with, as difficult as they might be



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