Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grab Some Cheese

May I whine for a bit?
Oh yes, it IS my blog so I get to do what I want.
I was really hoping that since the sun has been shining and the grass is green and there are flowers blooming and warm temperatures that I would wake up every morning happy and well-rested and raring to go.

Not so.
My husband has taken up snoring (don't laugh, he is a pillow- smother away from certain suffocation), I already sleep on and off all night and it seems like the on part coincides with the loudest snoring (seriously, this is not funny- I own a shovel and know of places to dump the body....I have let him know this as well)
When I do sleep, I guess I must sleep in awkward positions because I wake up every day with a neck ache, back pain or shoulder pinch. Or all of the above.
Throw yard work, housework, restaurant work, and a love of procrastination and you have my life.

I also have a bad case of depression and a hearty dose (this week) of pms.
I am taking Evening Primrose for the pms and Fish Oil for the depression. I am staying away from drugs and moving toward herbs.
I am hoping they will quell my homicidal urges and soothe my tired mind.
If nothing else, I have conquered my fear of taking egg sized pills.

My husband (bless his snoring soul) tells me I am fortunate and spoiled.
I am not complaining about what I have, just how I feel and think.

Ok, I am done.
I don't want options, I have tried them all.
Just an outlet to complain.
I am done now.

The landscaper, K, was at the restaurant today pulling weeds and moving plants and putting in marigolds and other things to add color and clean up the landscaping. I found out I have mint, Russian Sage and Coneflowers.
Tomorrow she will be here to help show me where to put the ground cover by the pond, plant the trees and ready the flower beds for mulch.
It is supposed to rain so I hope it holds off.
My husband will be out of town for the day so I hope we get a lot done to surprise him.

Til then....


  1. Vent away! DH snores like a chain saw. As long as I fall asleep before him, no problem. God help him if I wake up. Have fun playing with your planting today, hope the weather holds up for you :) Kathy

  2. Boo. Depression sucks, but I would never ward off drugs. That is crazy talk! You love Xanax!

    I kid. I'm sorry your brain sucks right now. The body aches are surely a result of the snoring problem but are also caused by all the stress and you being so uppity all the time.

    This too shall pass.

  3. Shame on him for calling you spoiled. I mean, it's his fault after all. Right?
    And, I'm totally going use your... I'm not complaining about what I have,just how I think and feel. Brilliant!

  4. hugs to you; it is hard to sleep when they snore and you have bouts of insomnia. been there, done that, and then when the dog snores too, I know I'm outnumbered to get a good night's sleep. but your landscaping project sounds like it is coming along good; that is definitely a good achievement, right?


  5. She also snores

  6. Hubby snores too. Loudly! The only thing is, I snore too. Loudly! I've woken myself up. So I'm not threatening to dump any bodies, as mine might the one getting dumped.

    PMS and depression are not a good mix. Hope you get feeling better soon. Herbs do good but sometimes you need to resort to stronger stuff. Just saying.

    We need rain, but I'm hoping it holds off until Monday. Hope Mr. Funny is pleasantly surprised!


  7. You know I know just how you feel as one of my loyal blog readers! I still have my blue days, too, despite this gorgeous weather. It stinks! I hope you got your landscaping done. It's raining cats and dogs here today.


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