Friday, April 9, 2010

It is a beautiful day and I have many projects so we shall call today:
Fashion Friday- "Things I Found On Sale This Week and Had to Have."
Or, "How I managed to get myself divorced because I am addicted to shopping."
Either way.

J Crew Perfect-fit cascade tee $19.50 (was $29.50)
(to replace the one they cancelled on me, it is soft and the charcoal color is flattering and slimming)

American Eagle Jeweled Flat $19.95 (was $34.50)
(I got pewter but they have gold as well, and they go up to a size 11)

American Eagle Soft Ballet Flat $10.46 (was $29.50) (all of the clearance is on sale today)
I got 2 pair of black and a pair of the sky blue which were $13.96)

J Crew Embroidered spray art tee $19.99 (reg. $49.50)
(so soft and comfortable, even prettier in person)

Zappos Ugg Flare flip flop $30.00 (not on sale)
(very comfy! I got the silver, I am definitely going to order a few more colors)
Also, if you have big feet, they go up to size 12. I got an 11 and they are perfect.

I sat out with the pups and worked on the USA Today crossword, wow it is so nice out!
I though it was funny that Molly's neck is gray from her rabies tag.

Skip took the day off from digging to China and enjoyed the sun.
I'll bet the neighbors miss him!

My Japanese Crimson Queen Laceleaf Maple LIVED THROUGH THE WINTER!!!!
I want it to eventually cascade over the pond.
They die easily, are pricey and the nursery doesn't guarantee them so I am so happy that it made it.

I also want to plant a few flowering trees this year.
We have a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree at work and it is so beautiful right now.
I think I will look for one for home.
Does anyone have any ideas for other flowering trees I might like?


  1. Dogwood is pretty but very slow growing. And it is the State tree - after all!

  2. Are those American Eagle flats comfy? I'm going to NYC in a couple of weeks and need some shoes I can walk in.

    Love the J Crew shirts. Very cute.

  3. So far they are comfy but I would recommend sneakers or I wore Uggs the whole time in NYC, it was a lot of walking!

  4. $30.00 for flip flops??? Geez! I love the first shirt. I like all the flats also. I need to get me a few pairs.

  5. love that J Cree cascade tee; such a pretty color and the jeweledy flats are adorable too! You are a great shopper, looking for bargains, and they all look fantastic :)

    good luck finding the right tree, I'm horiculturally challenged here, its a good thing we live in a desert :)


  6. I second the Dogwood tree, very pretty.

    Loved all the T shirts!

  7. Thanks for the update on those Ugg flops. That settles it ... I'm gettin' me some of those! :) I love looking at pics of your doggies. I can tell that they're not spoiled at all. Not one bit ...

    Have a great day off tomorrow! :)

  8. Just found your blog, hilarious so far. I too find myself laughing at things that are funny to no one else,but myself. I love the pics of your Jacks! I have two, a female Talula and a male Dexter. Yours remind me of mine. Talula is a pudge and is always sitting watching everything that is going on around her. And Dexter is ALWAYS digging to China. Jacks are just too funny! Keep the funny coming, I am laughing along with you.

  9. I wanna go bargain shopping with YOU!


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