Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh wow, we had a busy day.
We took a quick trip to the city to grab some things from the restaurant supply store.
Storage containers, trash cans, (why are commercial trash cans so damn expensive??) grill brushes, etc...

And then Sam's (why don't they have that awesome edamame they had last year?- individual servings with sea salt packets) for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, trash bags, elephant ear bulbs, athletic shorts, brooms, and cupcakes.
Is it odd that all of those things came from one store?
The 40 count Easter cupcakes are for Sunday at work. They are in the fridge in the garage calling out to me. I might need to try one.

I made a quick run to Sephora for my Cupcake lipgloss (speaking of cupcakes) since they were out of it last time.

Then we drove home in a typhoon and dropped everything off at work.
I stopped to pick up some Aveda makeup and headed home to angry, cooped up dogs and laundry.

The Big One texted to inform us he would be home Sunday night and all day Monday.
I asked him what he wanted for a nice home cooked meal and as luck would have it, he wanted rigatoni with meat sauce, sauteed garlicky green beans, caesar salad and crusty bread with olive oil.
Which is also the Little one's favorite meal.
I was going to grill some ribeyes and try a new potato recipe from my Pioneer Woman cookbook and make a coconut cream pie for dessert.
I will still make the pie.
He said he has a huge list of things he wants/needs.
I rather enjoy shopping with him- he is his mothers child as he loves to shop.
Especially on my dime.
Which is how much money I will have left when he gets done.


  1. Was that wind horrible or what?! It took down quite a few things here. It almost knocked my fiance off the wall he was standing on at work!
    I'm thinkin' I'm coming to your house for dinner. Sounds good!

  2. LOL with Big One and his needs and wants, got to love them!!!

    Happy Easter :)



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