Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday. A day of fun and relaxation. HA!

I have posted 5 times in 2 days, that is some kind of record.
I need to stay away from the tv because there are too many bombings and deaths and I happened upon Food Inc. on PBS and between that and seeing dolphins being slaughtered on Oprah, I am back to comedies and mindless sitcoms.
If I need to be informed, I will ask my husband.

So I have been eating really healthy foods since I watched Food Inc. and really, even without the pms I had, the movie really pissed me off.
Who the hell do these people think they are? (not the people who made the movie)
If you know what I am saying, watch the movie.
Seriously, you will think about every single thing you put in your mouth forever.
On an unrelated to the movie but still related note, do not eat McDonalds chicken nuggets. Read here.
They sell 50 for $10. does that tip you off.
Also? We are eating petroleum. A lot.
Corn? In everything. The cows are being fed corn which sits in their stomachs and we end up with e coli outbreaks. Cows need grass. They need to stand in fields and the truth is that most of them stand in mud and feces (e coli) and are fed corn.
This isn't manufactured, you can look it up.
Due to the demand of food because of overpopulation, this is happening.
Don't get me started on the other things.
I eat meat, don't get me wrong but there are ways to raise and butcher animals and we are missing the point.
I know cattle farmers. Most have pastures and dairy farms and work an honest living. The cattle eat grass and grains to supplement in the winter.
These farmers are struggling.

I am doing my part by supporting local farmers markets and attempting to buy local and organic although it sometimes difficult in a small town.
Do your part too.
Buy local food and at least read the labels.
Make sure it is from the US. Veggies can be shipped in from other countries.
Ok, I am done.

I still have to plant a Hosta and some Creeping Thyme and some kind of ground cover I cannot remember the name of so I am waiting for K to get here to help me.
It is starting to rain.
Ok, she is coming later this afternoon.

I have a list.
Mr. Kotter, I have a note.
This list consists of everything I need to do before we leave tomorrow.

We are going to spend a few days with the Big One at school.
He has an orchestra concert, a hip hop dance show and a trombone recital. Because he is so far away, we have missed all of his concerts and solos so we are taking some time to do it now.
We are leaving tomorrow morning and coming back Tuesday night.

Kind of like a vacation. But not really because there will be a teenager involved and that usually means arguments about responsibility, money and how many times a month you call your mother.
He calls his dad and I get texts all the time saying, "thanksssss for the boxxxxxxx I love everything in ittttttttt!" and "I love youuuuuu, thanks for the rolls of quarters and Mike and Ikes"
See a pattern here?
Send stuff, get a text. No stuff - no text no call.

Back to this list.
I made a list on Monday of the things I HAD to get done this week and added some things that I wanted to accomplish and even some things I didn't want to do but had to eventually do.
I got them all done but one.
Drop off clothing at consignment store.
So I am going out in the rain (it's a warm spring rain) to check this last item off of last weeks list.

Then I need to tackle today's list..

#1 get Little One out of bed.
This by far is the most difficult.
He loves to sleep (the apple, people) and hates mornings.
He prefers to skip them and start fresh after noon.
1:00 is a good time.
Sadly, he wants to paint balling tonight with friends so I have the upper hand.
I wish my hand felt uppity, wish me luck!


  1. Totally my son (#1) on the whole communication thing. Only now (thanks to the Hubby's purchase of the slingbox) in addition to the thank you texts, I get a call to either turn on the tv or change the channel so he can watch the basketball game.
    Somehow this is all our fault, right?

  2. LOL about little one and sleep! the day is halfway over for me at 1 o'clock and he is just getting out of bed! got to love them!

    sounds like a good trip to see big one and his recitals, et al. I know there will be some good moments to the trip too!!

    at least he does thank you for things, right?? although I'm sure you would like to hear his voice every so often and not just the beep beep (or whatever your ring tone) of a text coming in.

    enjoy the trip!


  3. My friend has kids the age of your little one. I will swing by at 1 or 2 pm to drop something off at her house and invariably I get the kids out of bed. How is this possible!

    Our trip was not good. Posts to come.

    Hope your "vacation" was better than mine!


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