Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things I love this week.....

These rings from Pier 1. I got the purple one and for $4- super affordable.

This silk ruffled top from Sundance.
The color and the fluff- love it. I am considering it.

Embroidered art spray t. On sale at
I ordered the lilac.

I have never had Ugg flip flops. I love my boots so I am going to order some of these. Like the silver and the black.
Oh. Who am I kidding. I like all of the colors.
I usually get my Uggs from their website but Zappos has these with free shipping.

I adore this tunic.
Also at Sundance- I am going to wait to see if it goes on sale.

Another J Crew sale find. I got it in charcoal.

How great is this? Again Sundance.
No, I didn't get it.

I saw this at Aeropostale the other day.
It was a cool color and a good deal.
I ordered it in Luna (blue) but the white is just as nice.

And this baby is on it's way.
I am so excited to see what it can do!
I really didn't think my husband would get it for me for awhile but he surprised me.

I have had a tension headache going on 3 days now so I have no funny so far this week.
I will be shallow and make light conversation instead.
I am getting my hair trimmed tomorrow and making a massage appt. (I have a gift card from Christmas)

Tomorrow we shall talk about cosmetics. Or fragrance. Or lipgloss.
You choose.


  1. Let's talk about fragrance and about how finding your perfect scent really completes you. Mine is, of course, $70 for the small bottle. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

  2. omg. the ipad! wow.

    those tunics are gorgeous and i hae just the ring for you.

    i am gonna send it off soon.

  3. Oooh, love the tunics.

    I'm thinkin' I need/want one of those ipad gadjets myself. Hmmm. . . Wonder what I could "negotiate" for that. :)

  4. I didn't even know Uggs made flip flops, LOL.

    so sorry about the tension headache, but the massage sounds wonderful!!!

    great taste you have in clothes and accessories; I vote fragrance :)


  5. Do you know how happy I am to see Ugg's and not croc's on your list... don't get me started on my extreme hate of those croc things.... I LOVE your pics and it made me decide I'm going to take DD to the mall & get her picture w/ the Easter bunny (might be my last year for this kinda stuff) so i can do some shopping!!!!!! Eek, i love those tops and those RINGS!!
    have a GREAT weekend. (oh- can't wait to hear about the "PAD"... i don't know what they do at all)

  6. I just bought a realy similar top to that blue one, but from Dress Barn. Then I got another one like it in pinkish/reddish from Kohl's. I love them!

  7. Please post when you finally get your IPAD. I am a huge fan of everything Apple and am coveting this but am waiting until they get all the bugs out. Love the rings, the bigger the better as far as I'm concerned!


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