Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today Was the Day


While the weather did this.........

And my pollen-covered car got a bath.........

We did some of this........

And this........

And a lot of this...... (note the annoyance at my picture taking)

My husband did some of this..........(oh Lord give me strength)

There were glares like this.......

And some like this.....

And photos like these.......

And this...........

And even this........



He got his braces off 2 weeks early!!!!!
He still has the fake tooth from where he knocked it out in D.C. but he will be getting a real (fake) tooth soon with a post and everything.
He was so excited so we took him to lunch.

And then back to school!


  1. Yea! Congrats to him for getting his braces off!

  2. hey i'm getting a real fake tooth too! (as soon as my invisalign are done...) my friends were so impressed till they heard the implant was a "tooth" and not something better....

  3. That is a momentous day! Excellent and just in time for corn on the cob season!

  4. Whoo Hoo! And one step closer to a high school heart throb. Yay!

  5. lots of rain! but boy what a day! I'm thinking your little one must really love you to put up with all those pictures on this momentous day! good for him for getting the braces off! I bet he really is one glad pup he got them off early too! cute entry :


  6. YIPEE!!! Look at those pearly whites!

    And what's up with the orthodontist? Was it 80's day? Love it!!!

  7. It was "spring" dress up day so they wore bright colors.
    They always match and sing loudly and act crazy. I think they sniff nitrous gas!


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