Friday, April 16, 2010

Won't You Throw a Penny in My Fountain? Or a dollar? Momma Needs to Pay For a LOT of Mulch!

The pups were carefully watching the guys put the fountain together.
And barking, of course.
After they left, I shot a few photos.

Doesn't everyone have silly string on their shutters.
From a year ago?

I got the planter at Lowe's for $20.
It weighs 5,437 lbs.
I am going to put potato vine and petunias and other viney things in it.

I just spent hours talking to the landscaper.
She is adorable and just starting out on her own (this is her 2nd year but last year the economy hurt her business)
I am helping to stimulate her business.
Starting with mulch- I will just say that it is not going to be cheap.
We need 35 scoops (scoops are huge, like a small pickup full)
She found me some kaleidescope bushes for $20 apiece, yay! (last year we paid double that for them and they both died)
She has found me some awesome flowers and plants for our yard at work too.

This means that I have to get outside and clean out the flower beds.
We had the most beautiful, warm, sunny morning (spent walking around and talking about plants, kids, dogs, and just life in general) and then we had a 10 minute rain shower and now it cooler and cloudy.

The pond is done (he got here at 7am) and I still have the 5 fish from last year!!!!!
I cannot believe they hibernated and survived all winter- weird.

I will take pond pics when the water clears and I get some plantings around it.

In the meantime, I still haven't showered.
I have to get this house clean tonight so I can work outside tomorrow.

My husband was offered his old job back.
They kind of begged him.
The money was awesome, the insurance was better (we pay an insane amount for private insurance)he had paid vacations and business trips and other great perks and he loved it but we have to do some re-working of the restaurant and figure out if we can swing it (if things go as we want them to, he would actually have more time at home because we would hire someone to replace him at work and with the extra income, we could more easily afford it)

What are your weekend plans?


  1. that's great about your hubby getting offered his old job back, sounds like a win-win situation!! hoping when your plants and yard is all landscaped the dogs don't decide to destroy it (Koda's trampled a few flower plants here in his exuberance)

    my weekend plans------I'm going to Hawaii


    (wish I was though)

    (but then I would have to fly and I don't like to fly)

    seriously, working tomorrow morning, grocery shopping, church, church (2 different churches, hubby is helping at music at one) and if the kid comes home, maybe we'll talk to him

    ummmmm maybe flying isn't that bad :)

    hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Sounds like your yard is going to be beautiful, I can't wait to see the pond. Congrats on the husband's job offer, I hope that it can all work out for you! Kathy

  3. I spent most of yesterday working outside. Loved it.

    Can't wait to see photos of that planter filled, the pond, and the landscaping. Going to be pretty.

    Congratulations on hubby getting offered his job back. Hope it all works out for you guys.


  4. WOW... if i had an offer like that I'd jump! You know I owned a pizza shop, right? Well, I hated it but then again my ex husband embezzled from us, so that kinda soured the whole deal. I'm sure your food service experience isn't as tainted as mine... :) I hate the bill for mulch but love this time of year and how it looks once it's all put together!!!

  5. I hope you guys make the right decision about the job! Love the silly string remains!!


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