Friday, April 16, 2010


I woke up to copious amounts of barking this morning.
The pond guys were here (finally) and the dogs were not having any of it.
Barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkbark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (they were in the house and Finn and Kona were in my room looking out the door to my balcony into the backyard)

The Little One was eating his cereal and let out Skip, Molly and Neko (my MIL's huge German Shepherd who is staying with us for a few days) and didn't realize the guys were out back and I am pretty sure the guy shat himself (my mom's word- it isn't cursing when it's in the past tense) b/c he is a bit wary of the dogs.

I have the windows all open and now the guys are on my front porch assembling my fountain (photos later) and they (dogs) are looking out the front window and flipping out.

It's like a dog farm around here.
A dog party (in the words of Go Dog Go)
A festival of dogs.
A doggone good time.
I am dogged down with housework with the extra hair.
The Dogs.
Dog Town USA
Silver Dogger City
The Valley of the Dogs
Eat Bark Poop
One Flew Over the Dogs Nest
Worlds of Dogs
It's a Wonderful (Dog's) Life
Drop Dead Dog
When Neko Met Kona
Dog Hunters
How I Met Your Dog
The Blind Dog Side
Dogs R Us
Dog's World
Dogs Gone Wild (without the nudity)

Ok, I am done.
Gosh dogit.


  1. It's a Ruff life. LOL

    Just sayin'

  2. You are a funny kid this morning! What I want to know is how long it took you to come up with all those titles. Also, what about How to Train Your Dog?

    My word verification is "clogi" and it reminds me of corgi, so I had to tell you.

  3. LOL with all the dogs! you are tooo funny! love the word "shat" too; think I might try it out sometime

    can't wait to see the pictures!!

    enjoy your weekend :)


  4. I have kind of volunteered to keep my boyfriend's mother's dogs while they take a little family trip I'm chosing not to go on. Four dogs, by myself. I'm kind of regretting the decision!


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