Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't All Wood Ducks Get Nerdy Names?

Have I ever told you the story of Norman the wood duck?

I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she was talking about ducks and geese and it reminded me of that Norman the wood duck story and I want to tell it but the time has gone by and the years have made my brain mush and do you re-tell the same stories over and over and annoy everyone like I do?
Do you use punctuation like I don't?
Holy hell and Crystal Light that was a run-on sentence.

I need to get the exact facts of the story or I will be corrected by my sisters who were actually there and they told the story to my mother who told it to me and who cannot confirm facts because she is in an urn upstairs on my mantle.
That reminds me about yesterday when my MIL and I were talking about how we had our 3 year anniversary of buying the restaurant (on May 1st) and how I knew we bought it in 2007 because that is the same year my mom died. And she (MIL) said how nice our yard is starting to look and how much my mom would have loved to sit out there with me.
(Thanks for the reminder.
Happy Mother's Day....oh, by the way, you no longer have one to buy a gift and a card for.)
"She never saw your house?" she asked.
Nope, we first looked at it in November and made an offer and haggled for a long time before we closed on it in Jan.
But she died in December.
I'm sure she sees it now but that doesn't help me feel better about it.

The story goes something like this:
My sisters were at a park and a baby wood duck got separated from his mom and siblings and they knew it was getting dark so they grabbed him and brought him home for the night to be safe. They slept with him on their chests and tried to bring him back home either in the middle of the night or in the wee morning hours and had to sneak in the park and at some point heard a firetruck and thought they were going to jail.
In the precess of this, my sister fell down a cement drain embankment and tore up her knee.
Really the story was told in full hilarity by mom so I will have to wait til we all get together (my sisters and I, not my mom and I because really, does one blog in heaven? assuming that is where I am going and I won't see mom til then) to tell this story and DO YOU EVEN CARE?

Ok Mel- re-tell it the proper way.

Who loved Glee tonight?
Total Eclipse of the Heart? Love that song, Olivia Newton-John? I still sing the Grease soundtrack.
Again. How cute is Puck?
Did the Brittany really ask Arty if he could feel his feet?
Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer? Had to dance a little. Just kidding, I was tearing it up over here.

Mulching and planting are finally done at the Villa.

Pray I don't commit any bad crimes at work tomorrow. I have a short fuse, one last nerve and my back is out. (onion ring injury...I was leaning way over getting the case out of the bottom of the chest freezer and the lid started falling on my head and I jerked my arm up to protect my bean from the lid and somehow twisted my back.)
Lift with your knees! the husband says right before I told him I would put him in said chest freezer.
Maybe I'll let him out tomorrow.

I never though about putting bodies in that freezer (it is 72 in. long and 4 ft. deep). I need to give this more thought.......


  1. I had to go and look at other cards when hubby was looking for a mother's day card for his mom since I didn't have anyone to buy a card for (and then I didn't like it that he picked a card from "both of us" because she technically is not my mother, but I tried to keep the peace so I didn't say anything, but do I have to sign the card?)

    so was the duck a live duck or a wooden duck? is there such a thing as a wood duck (I need to get out more)

    hope your back feels better soon and that you have a nice Mother's day regardless

    (I'll be hugging my dearest of friends so it will be a good one :)


  2. I'm sorry your mom is gone...
    that post was crackin' me up, did you ever mention the nerdy name? i didn't catch it... was laughing too hard :)

  3. You did pretty well at the retelling of the story, but I fear you have lost your storytelling prowess. You showed your fear by not indulging in the slightest. You forgot the part where they jumped the fence to steal the duck and then sequestered him out of the park. And then how Norman slept on J and did his little chirps and chortles all night. The sneak-in part was right, but you left out the whole top secret/breaking into the park/hopping the fence with a baby duck/scaring all the other ducks and the mama duck who all ran from him fun. You also missed the part where Norman probably never found his mother again and got eaten by a nearby fish or coyote or fox. Sads.

  4. Loved loved LOVED Glee! But then I'm a huge Olivia fan anyway. I loved the new version of Physical.

    Oh, and the word verification on here is "syngish" which I find appropriate for a comment about Glee.


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