Friday, May 14, 2010

Extra Post from Thursday

Our new dishwasher was delivered today.
It is an LG (like the fridge) and the controls are on the top so the front is very plain. Clean and simple.

Bobby came to do a re-repair and deliver the dishwasher and he told me a few interesting things.
(We go way back- he was the one who talked us into getting a front load washer (we got the Cabrio which is a top loader that works like a front loader) when he visited us way too often to service the machine.)

Anyway, Bobby messed up my microwave last week but was happy to fix it (again) today- it is good as new.
He installed my dishwasher today too and back to what he said.
Do not use the dish tablets, always use Jet Dry or some sort of rinse agent, only use half or less than half the amount of powder the machine holds, do not use liquid dishwasher soap.
He said the people that do use the wrong stuff keep him employed.
I don't know if these are facts or not but I am going to listen to Bobby.

Now here is my beef today.
Last year, we spent a nice sum on a new fridge.

We got the french door model with the 2 freezer drawers and ice and water in the door.

The problem is the ice maker.
It makes very little ice and cannot keep up with our family very well and now that the Big One is home, it sucks.
Even on the highest setting it still runs out by dinner time so that I am forced to bring bagged ice home from work or buy a residential ice maker.
It makes me angry, why can't they test these things out before they slap a sticker for thousands of dollars on them?
Our old ice maker was the same size and only had trouble when we had lots of family visiting.
Also? The vegetables freeze in the crisper drawer. Even when it is turned down.
After I went to the website and read the reviews, I learned others had the exact problems but they don't do a recall on annoying things, just dangerous things.

I suggest you research well before you replace your appliances, read the customer reviews- not the manufacturer reviews.


  1. good advice to research before you buy; sounds like you have a great repair person; they are worth their weight in gold indeed :)


  2. Our dishwasher repairman told us the exact same thing yours did - so it must be true.

    The other thing he told us is that the self clean feature of the oven keeps him in business. He recommends to save money and use elbow grease.

    Researching is always a good thing.

    Raining here AGAIN.

  3. What are dish tablets? Are you talking about those little plastic thingys that dissolve when you use them? I would love to have a refrigerator like that!


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