Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hostage Situation

I am mad, mad, mad at my computer.
It is freezing up and even though my husband said he fixed it, it is still doing it.
I am on the kitchen computer which is fine because it is closer to the snack food and right by the ac vent (it is HOT and although I love the heat, I also like a cool vent now and again)

There may or may not be a SNAKE in my fish pond.
Mr. Funny thought it was a stick but then it moved on it's own free will so I will no longer be going out in the backyard.
I am essentially trapped in the house.
I am terrified of all things SNAKE.
SNAKES have friends and those type of friends, I do not like.
The pond guy said it is more than likely looking for frogs or fish to snack on (and it is probably not poisonous.) Reassuring.
Lucky me, I have fish.
And now I have SNAKES too.

The boys are in the basement playing XBOX together.
I was just smiling to myself at the thought but then there was some loud, angry voices and the sound of stomping on the stairs.
The love is gone.
I guess Call of Duty is not the Big One's idea of fun.
Maybe I could get an outside lock and lock them down there together for a while.
Maybe install a small door to push food and water through for them.
Or stock the mini fridge with enough food each day to get them through.
And now I hear a knock at the door....Family Services? So soon?

Did you watch Glee? The Big One and I love, love, loved it as we are GaGa over Lady GaGa.
Oh, the costumes were fab!
I bought the new Glee #3 album, I adore it so much!

I am on top of all things this week. Laundry, dishes, groceries, poo stains on the carpet, errands and my depression has subsided a lot this week. (I am taking Fish Oil and Evening Primrose supplements plus One a Day Women's vitamins).

I guess I will tackle some unsavory items of interest now.
But first, I shall watch Dancing with the Stars and Parenthood.

I wish I could go outside and sit in my hammock with my iPad to watch my shows.
Damn rat bastard SNAKE.
I hope my shubunkins eat him.


  1. I hate snakes! I would be locked in the house, too. I wrote down the supplements you're taking. I need to do something or I'm headed for Prozac city.

  2. LOL If it's a water snake won't you be safe if you stay away from the water?
    Oh how I wish we had some of that hot weather.

  3. can't you send the dogs out before you to take care of the snake? I feel your pain, I really do. I'm waiting and wondering if our snake from last year will make an appearance this year. the lizard scares me enough out of the backyard, but once I see the snake.....forget the backyard until winter

    too funny about the boys; I think you have something there with holding them hostage in the basement and just sending food down to them. But they might decide to revolt and take over and be in charge.....

    I'm glad you are feeling a bit better


  4. I HATE snakes too, but living where I do, in the middle of the woods, I just had to get over it. Hmmmm I need to tell a snake story next Wednesday. I hope I remember.

    My Dr. suggested Evening Primrose and Fish Oil for my "going through the change for 15 frickin' years" issues. I can't say they helped me much, though. Glad you are having better resuts!

    My daughter told me just the other day that she is worried that her two older girls hate each other. Then she remembered how she and Greg fought and they are best friends now. So she's going to let the girl's duke it out.

    Glad to see you back. Wish I had known Big One was working at the Lake when I was there. We might just have to try to meet there sometime.

  5. Snakes suck. I ran one over about 6 times before just to make sure he was dead. Hang in there!

  6. Here's to hoping that shabulookininininkins eat him too. I like snakes a lot, but not if they are eating the little, innocent, expensive fishies.

    You sound a lot better, so that is a good start. Call me soon so I can get some updates. Or I will call you. The boys are out of school today, so I will be a bit more free. I think. I still want to come visit, but I guess it will be a couple of weeks.

    Lady Gaga Glee was good, but not enough of her songs. Only 2??? The outfits were fab!

    Oh, and the doggy door to the basement is the perfect idea. Do it today.

  7. i don't mind snakes when the zoo keeper is holding them, it's the surprise sneak attack in the yard i'm not a fan of!
    You sound good- keep drinkin' the oil!
    goo goo for gaga on glee!

  8. I hate snakes! I don't blame you for not going outside!

  9. I hope your snake finds a better food source...and glad you are on top of all things...I am sinking under my list of things to do - and not liking the feeling.


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