Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I just got home from work.
Two days in a row staying late and dealing with the night staff (I prefer the day staff, they respect and fear me. Ok, maybe not fear but they are trained to love and adore me and very rarely sass and mock me)

My sister added to the Norman the wood duck story. (like I hoped and knew she would)
Yes Betty, he was a real duck and yes he is a wood duck.
Chinamommy, Norman was his name.

Here you go:

Melanie said... You did pretty well at the retelling of the story, but I fear you have lost your storytelling prowess. You showed your fear by not indulging in the slightest. You forgot the part where they jumped the fence to steal the duck and then sequestered him out of the park. And then how Norman slept on J and did his little chirps and chortles all night. The sneak-in part was right, but you left out the whole top secret/breaking into the park/hopping the fence with a baby duck/scaring all the other ducks and the mama duck who all ran from him fun. You also missed the part where Norman probably never found his mother again and got eaten by a nearby fish or coyote or fox. Sads.

Your welcome.

Work is back to normal.
Everything is working and nobody is happy.
Same as always.

Mr. Funny had to go to Sam's to pick up the roses (for Mother's Day- we hand them out to the ladies) today. Like Walmart, they suck.
They quoted us a price per dozen over the phone and then when he got there he was overcharged and they told him that was how it was going to be so he called to complain and we got a credit.
Again, rudeness and crappy customer service. Again.

I got the bill for the landscaping today.
If you would like to buy my left kidney, I can quote you a price.
I'd sell my heart but it is shriveled up and black and my liver is soon to be pickled in Grey Goose.
And? I have a lot of mulch left over which means I need to get the last 2 garden spots weeded and ready (by the time the Big One gets home because he parks his car where the mulch is) and I am not emotionally prepared for that level of fun.
I will take pictures after I get the elephant ears and hostas planted.

I have a lot of tv to catch up on.


  1. Oh dear lord, no way could I deal with your life! Thanks to Mel for clarifying the duck story lol. I think my hubby needs to go in the landscaping business. He is really good and works cheap. Oh wait, that is probably only for me... ;)

  2. LOL about the wood duck; love the picture of it; it looks so cute; I enjoyed hearing the rest of the story

    that is neat you pass out a rose to moms on Mother's Day.

    can't wait to see pictures!!

    (nope, Koda is not going with us; last time he did this trek he got stress colitis, I'm not going through that again; however, I am putting him on a plane tonight to your home; just feed him and he'll do just fine; and don't forget to share your bed with him :)


  3. duh... i see the name was at the VERY TOP...not working is making my brain mush- if i were closer I'd come over and weed & move mulch!
    i should have bought 2 more fart shirts then the 3 of us could have had t-shirt fart Fridays!


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