Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I finally had some time to post when really, I should be brushing my teeth and hitting the sack.

My Mother's Day began with a bang.Actually it began with a shower and thoughts of suicide because of the all day road trip on Saturday which ended with 2 double Grey goose and tonics and me falling asleep sitting up in bed. I woke up bone tired from sitting in the car all day and dreading work because I somehow knew what was to come........

We had the busiest day we have ever had from morning til night and in the 20 + years that the restaurant has been there, nobody could remember a day that even compared.
I believe the entire town was there at one time or another and we barely had time to breathe.
I walked in and poured a half cup of coffee and NEVER HAD TIME TO DRINK IT!
I know!
At some point, Mr. Funny showed up to play on his day off and he added a sense of calm to my insanity.
He also messed with my system and annoyed me a little.
Point is, everyone was happy and there were a few tiny snafus but nothing major.
We ordered pizza for the staff and blew out of there.
The other manager and I never had an opportunity to even grab some toast and by the time I gave my servers their tips and went home to get ready to go out to dinner, I was starved!!
We had an hours' drive to the restaurant and I napped the whole way.
We had sushi and table side hibachi food and it was amazing.
Or maybe it was crap, I was too hungry to notice.

Here was our chef. The people across from us had personality plus.
The Big One talked non-stop to the Little One (my quiet one) and he annoyed him and the super fun people at our table.
I should be glad that he speaks to us now.

Please take the time to notice the look on Little One's face.
Something like, "dear Lord when will he go back to college?"
Seriously, he (Big) talked the entire car trip, the entire meal, the entire way home.
He also sang Michael Buble' and Josh Groban for us with his gorgeous voice.
He has the amazing gift of transforming his voice into many ranges and octaves.
Also notice the Bose earphones at the table. I forbid phones and iPods at the table, I guess he was testing me. He did some weird thing to his blond hair too.

I begged for one good photo of us together.
His mother took it so he was being good.

Here we are.
It really was a great day.
The only thing missing was talking to my mom.
It never really gets easier.


  1. That really is a good picture of you and MrFunny. You need to frame it.

    I guess the restaurant being that busy is good news, bad news. Glad you survived it.

    I've never had sushi before. I know... I need to getou more. It's good that big one is being his same ol' self. College can do strange things to them. Kinda like the hair. LOL. Next time he will have blonde streaks in the dark.

    I'm sorry you are missing your mom. Me too. Huge hugs.


  2. Nope, it never gets easier! You look great!

  3. Gorgeous family! I'm glad the day turned out well after all of the chaos at work!

  4. Your Big One got that voice from yours truly. You're welcome. Your dinner made me hungry. I'm tired.

  5. great that business was so good on Mother's day, but wow to not have had coffee or anything else to eat/drink while you worked; that is dedication indeed

    your dinner out to celebrate Mother's day looked like fun; minus the sushi, I like places like that; too funny about Big One talking the whole time; must have had lots to catch up on :)


  6. i have NO IDEA how you run that restaurant... you amaze me (remember I owned a doomed pizza place and "ran" it 13 months). Good for you being so busy... well good when you're counting the $, not good when you can't even drink your coffee!!


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