Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Week and Other Thrills

I am sad that I have had zero time to read blogs or post.
I have been washing clothes, unpacking boxes and then re-packing some things for fall semester for the Big One like sweaters and notebooks and pens and towels.
Every time I think I am almost finished, the Big One unpacks a box with more clothes in it.
He has a problem with clothing and I don't know where he gets it.

In other news. I went shopping Monday.
I bought my white watch, some sandals and a new lipgloss.

The watch is Fossil and I got plastic. The ceramic ones were heavy.
They had all these bright jelly watches- oh it was a hard decision.
The sandals are Fossil and they are a pewter color. It is a different style than I usually wear and they were on sale so I went for it.
The lipgloss color is Sangria and has a bit of sparkle to it.
I'm gonna wear it to see Edward in Eclipse next month so I can sparkle with him.

Then I went to Pier 1 to get my place settings.
I will give you a hint. Photos later.

I also got the necklace I am wearing in the top pic.
I found some great necklaces at Forever 21 too and bought some of this:
Love the fresh summer smell!

Tuesday I had a fund raising meeting which lasted 3 hours so I missed Glee (and set the DVR wrong) and had to watch it yesterday.
It isn't finalized but I think I am going to be vice president of the Band Boosters for next year; thankfully, there will be 3 of us working as a team and we work great together plus our kids all hang out.

Today I stocked up on groceries and there is going to be a throw down when the people that I live with discover all the healthy food I bought.
They might die from the vitamins they ingest.
We are going to karaoke tonight, I am hoping the Big One will sing some Michael Buble' to block out the bad singers who insist on droning on to "Don't Rock the Jukebox".

I plan to finish cleaning house tomorrow.
There is always hope......


  1. I'm doing luandry today because the sun is "supposed" to shine. It had better because I already have two loads hanging outside!

    I haven't watched Glee yet, but will.

    Where does that child get his clothes fettish??? Just where?

    Like your new buys. You going to have a sale soon? I want to buy what you get rid of ;)

  2. Me likey your new purchases! The necklace looks summer-sweet on you. The Big One posted on FB that they were getting some Buble just for him and I asked him to post a video of it. You know I love me some Buble. I think you might be stepping out of your social comfort zone by being the VP of anything. Don't be getting all social on me or I won't know you when I finally see you again.

  3. I'm sure there is a clothing gene that you must have passed on to the Big One :)

    love your purchases; that watch is so very nice looking

    I think I would enjoy the time with the family and Big One home and not worry too much about blogs, they always manage to be here, don't they?


  4. I was so excited they were doing "Jessie's Girl" on Glee, and then it kind of was just bleah. Oh well.

    I love the new necklace.

  5. Fun stuff! I LOVE the watch. And you look so good in this post picture!


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