Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poking my Head In..............

I am treating myself to *one post* because I deserve it.
Oh, how I have missed you, friends!

We have been: cleaning and shampooing dog poo/barf out of 3 different rooms, stocking the fridge (again- man these boys eat a lot!), dealing with home repairs (the waterfall pump on the pond, the fountain on the front porch and the icemaker in the garage which we recently had hooked up to allow us extra ice and then it leaked all over the garage, doctor appts. for the boys for shots (meningitis and DTaP) and other necessary things, buying 2 almost new cherry red retro Schwinn bikes (one girl and one boy bike) from a guys' front yard for a steal! (I have a bike but this one is just like the one I had as a kid plus now we have extra bikes when the Little One has friends over), helping Big One audition for the local musical, Seussical, haircuts, trying to hire some help at work, orthodontist appts. for retainer fittings, yard work, bike riding, hanging new light fixtures, painting cabinets, laundry, shopping for work clothes for the big One (he is working at Banana Republic), family dinners, getting Little One ready for his summer trip with the band to Chicago, trying to talk Little One into going away to church camp, dealing with some ugly but unavoidable issues, cleaning closets, watching movies, playing fetch with dogs, organizing the basement, cleaning the garage, riding around in the Jeep with the top down (yeah, not my top), trying to keep track of musical practice and work schedules with the Big One so he stays on task and doesn't get overwhelmed, getting the kids up by 9am every day to keep a normal schedule, trying to keep the kids off FB and video games and onto board games and dinner dates and ice cream and fun trips with their dad and I so we can reconnect as a family COME HELL OR HIGH WATER!!!!!!

I am going to love this new Bachelorette!
You remember she was my fave to win Bachelor and since Jake turned out to be a dorkdog, thank God she left.
I just love Frank with his fun demeanor and cute personality. Not sure if the fire is there yet though. I like his attitude about going for what you want but is he a little unstable in the job dept? I like fun and money.
Kirk- with the scrapbook, you almost got your ass kicked. Cute idea but not very manly. I do like you however.
Shooter- some things are better left unsaid. That being said, bye bye.
Craig- what is up with the pompadour? the tie? the cockiness? I don't think I like you but give me time. Maybe your confidence will grow on me. After all, I married a cocky and confident man.
Jonathan the weather man- youtalktoomuch but you are really cute and your smile is great. Again, no fire.
Kyle- too many dead stuffed things, it was like a horror movie for Peta.
Jay- bo-ring, I want to mess up the hair and put you in some other clothes.
Justin- cute but already you annoy me. You do not have to tell her you wrestle yet. Let her get to know you because being a wrestler invites being judged.
Chris- you are way nice and the dead mom thing is endearing. You don't have the hotness I am looking for for Ali.
Jesse- cute and you made her a heart which isn't too dorky (like a scrapbook) and I like guys from Missouri.
Kasey- the voice is bad, my son said you look like Jake (from last season, remember him?) without a neck.
My favorite? Roberto. hands down. The chemistry is there, he has a great smile, close to his family, and is easy on the old eyes. Unless he ends up being the guy with the girlfriend or a closet asshole, he will probably win.
Ali is adorable and I love the wardrobe and the locales this season. She is fun and fearless and isn't too prissy so I can tolerate her although I usually prefer the Bachelor so i can mock the drunk women and the hoochies.

Sex and the City 2 opens this week.
I cannot wait! Unfortunately, I have to wait til Sat night to see it when my hubby is off.

When we were shopping for work clothes at BR for the Big One (and me) on Saturday, I found a Charlotte Russe! I am too old for it but I got a few shirts anyway and they are so cute and cheap. Even if I only wear them this summer, I got my moneys' worth. I also get a BR and a Gap discount. (as long as my son buys it) Oh, I swoon.

Now if you will excuse me, I have many things to do and Glee is doing Lady Gaga tonight which thrills me to no end plus I need to download the new Glee album from iTunes so I have new music to clean to.


  1. MAN O MAN you are a busy gal. Whew!

    Totally agree on all the bachelors. I have to add though, that I got just a little tired of Ali's giggling but she was probably just nervous. Hoping that will go away.

    Thanks for checkin' in!

  2. Yay! Glad to see you check in even if it's only with a couple of lists! It means you are on a good road.

  3. Oh how happy was I when I saw you on my blog roll?! Yes, keeping the top up on the gal & down on the jeep is always good! CharlotteRusse- good, but yes- you must be careful you don't end up in a studded tube top & tulle skirt!
    "Shooter".... even I would have kept that to myself! I had to rewind it over & over so the mister and i could die again & again & again.... Bwahhahahaha!!

  4. don't forget to breathe every once in awhile! what a schedule! and with your spare time, what do you do?? glad Big One has a job and it helps benefit you. hope you can get Little One to church camp (I started following your journal last year when I saw his picture going off to camp, amazing how fast this year is going). I think you are doing great trying to get in family time :)

    take care of yourself and I hope to see you back sooner than later, but I truly understand :)


  5. Busy little bee you are. I hope things are coming together for you in every way. Glee was really good last night. Love it.

    I might catch bachelorette at some time - but probably not.

    Thanks for checking in. Will keep watching for you.


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