Sunday, May 16, 2010

Project Completed (maybe)

I am so glad this week is over.

I finally finished the laundry, cleaned the kitchen and dining room and got all the floors on the main level swept and vacuumed. The boys are getting along well and there haven't been any work disasters lately.

I got my fun project finished last night after a last (not meaning last trip forever but last trip for awhile because Pier 1 is a bad sickness for me) journey to Pier 1 to get some more place settings and the (!) canisters and bedside lamps (I will post pics of them later because I am too tired to walk upstairs now) I have longed for since last year.

After I cleaned all day yesterday, we went to Pier 1 and then had dinner at an Italian place at the lake and I had baked shrimp scampi with huge prawns and drawn butter for dipping- we will be back- a couple glasses of wine and a coffee drink (if you like Bailey's and coffee, you will love Amarula and coffee) and then we went back home and left again to meet Mr. Funny's friend and his wife for drinks at a bar/club where I had a few more drinks, because I am stupid and then I went home and crashed in my bed.

But before I crashed, I drunken set up my dining room table. Minus 4 napkin rings because they were out so I need to go to the other store to get them.
Not bad for a boozer, eh?

It needs a little something but it is a work in progress and I am going to have a dinner party sometime to show it off.
And 9 of you are invited so please bring the citrus vodka and I will make my chicken piccata and we will have a grand old time.

Anyway. I felt like a slug at work and ate saltines and sprite and then we missed the outdoor wedding we were invited to (it rained all day and then was a muddy mess at the park so we blew it off) and then I napped and we missed the reception too which made me sad because I do love me some cake. And champagne.
But I doubt the champagne would have went down well because I still had some alcohol coursing through my veins.
Lesson learned? No drinky too muchy the night before worky.

Mr. Funny bought a power sprayer for work so he could clean the dish room and back patio as needed and for fun, he sprayed a part of our deck to show me what it could do and lucky us, we now get to clean it and re-stain it.I have never been so excited, and I really needed a new project because I have been bored what with the lack of laundry and my spotless house and zero projects already lined up til the day I take my last breath.
Yes, that was sarcasm. My plan was to rip out the 3 level deck and install a stone patio but that obviously isn't going to happen. Sigh.

I am still in love with this picture from Pier 1.
It is 4 feet square and would look awesome in my dining room but it's kind of pricey.
Fingers crossed that they mark it down.

It is the last week of school for the Little One.
He is beyond ready for summer, warm breakfasts (cold cereal is all there is time for when you enjoy sleeping), staying up late, sleeping in, video games during the week (not allowed during school year- mean parents we are), hanging with friends, camp, no more Geometry and required English reading of the classics, no more freshmen angst!

Here is Flea today.
Eyeballs are gone, fluff is coming out of his head.


  1. poor Flea; but at least he was loved for a bit before destruction came upon him

    love your table! so very nicely put together! hold two seats for hubby and me, we are hopping in the car right now to head your way

    hope that picture comes your way soon from Pier One; I definitely like it a lot!


  2. Oh, I'm grabbing Mel and we're coming over to eat all over those gorgeous new plates!! I literally haven't been to Pier 1 in well over a YEAR.. me thinks i should go! i drive by it often, but it's always when i'm too tired to pull over- how lame am i?
    Happy Monday!

  3. Clearly I haven't been to Pier One in far too long. Your finds are amazing! I'm loving all the red you're working with!

  4. I started typing and then saw corgi wrote almost exactly what I was going to: Poor flea, but he was definitely loved for a bit.

    Taht table is so cool. When did you say that dinner party is? Citrus Vodka coming up!

    I'm afraid I would have blown the wedding off to. This rain is endless. The ground is too wet for me to put a ladder up to pick my cherries even.

  5. The table looks great! My son would be so jealous! He doesn't get out of school until June 2!

  6. Hey! We kinda had the same weekend! Here's to TUMS and Sprite.


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