Friday, May 28, 2010

A Shoe in the Hand is Worth Two

I wanted to do a quick Fashion Friday about cork wedges and wedge shoes in general but I also want to sit in the sun and relax because there is no housework to do and this never happens.
Here you go.
I adore these from J Crew.
A bit out of my price range but pretty nonetheless.

7 For All Mankind ($240)

Roxy ($48.95)

Stuart Weitzman ($345)

Burberry ($395)
Bruno Magli ($330)

Vivienne Westwood ($194)

True Religion ($140)

The other night while in the basement playing Xbox, the Big One felt something crawling on his neck.
It was a huge (2 inches long) bug that looked like a roach.
We have an occasional spider but never ever do we have roaches, or ants.
I put that bad boy in a ziploc in the freezer (go ahead and call the bug abuse hotline) and saved him for Vince, the Bug Guy. We usually just call him The Bug Guy but his mother gave him a name so we shall use it.
He said it was a wood roach and they can come from anywhere outside. I guess he could have ridden in on the Big One's shirt. He almost had a breakdown. Thank baby Jesus it wasn't a spider or you would all have heard the screams.
Vince has come and gone, spraying every inch of the inside and outside.
He does a great job, both here and at the restaurant.
Plus, he enjoys firearms so he and Mr. Funny have something to talk about.

I woke up to more poo/vomit on the living room rug.
I threw the rug away; just cannot drag that shampooer out one more time this week.
This time it was Finn.

My closet is a mess.
I don't have room for all of my stuff so I am going to have to put winter things in the basement closet or pack them into containers.
I have a drying rod in the laundry room and after I wash and dry my shirts long enough to get the wrinkles out, I hang them up.
I wait til there is no more room and then I haul it all up to my closet.
This happened last night and halfway through, I ran out of space.

I dream of a walk-in closet like Carrie got from Big in Sex and the City 1.
I suggested turning the master bath into a sweet closet for me but that idea was shot down quickly.
I suggested building on a nice bathroom onto the back of the house where our upper balcony is.
Shot down.
He suggested I have too many clothes.
I shot him down.

I am going to sit in the sun for awhile and relax.

later the same day.....

I had to pick up a few things for camp today for the Little One.
He needed some new shoes and shorts so I looked around for some wedge heels for myself.
I got lucky.

Easy Spirit ($29.99 plus 2nd pair 50% off)

These were $15.

So there you have it.
How to look cute for less.
(I totally want those 7's and Burberry's though)

Have a great holiday weekend. Be safe and watch out for the crazies.
I noticed they were out in full force today on their way through town to the lake.
Heck, my neighbors snotty daughter almost plowed into me pulling out of her driveway on her way to graduation. I guess it was hard to notice my huge, black SUV right behind her.
I saw people run red lights and stop signs on my way to drop the little one at graduation (he plays with the band)
People were honking and flipping the bird.

We are going to the lake Sunday evening.
We have dinner reservations and a fireworks show at the resort.
I am excited to see my old friends (I worked there for 11 years)


  1. dinner and fireworks sounds like fun! enjoy! oh my gosh, I could never imagine spending over $300 for a pair of shoes! I like your finds indeed!

    I can't figure out why people don't like spiders but more people than not that I know despise them and are terrified of them. I'm okay with them but don't put a lizard in my path :)

    have a restful weekend!


  2. Me likey the new shoes. The other ones are way out of my league. Those things can get you divorced!

    Turned out we had margs instead of beer, so I poured one out for you and the ants that have taken over my home.

    Can't hear the big one sing very well. Maybe you could mic him next time for me. Thanks.

    I wanna go to dinner and fireworks. I need a break, but none in sight.

  3. Love the shoes!

    Jealous that you have your very own bug guy!

    Gotta love those crazy drivers!

    Hope your holiday weekend is full of laughs and sunshine!

  4. And here I froze on the thought of spending $50 on a pair of shoes. I definitely like the wedges you bought. There is no such thing as enough closet space.

    We've fought wood roaches all of these years we've lived here They are so obnoxious!!!!

  5. I like your shoes! I would love to have a huge walk-in closet, too but it's not happening.


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