Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Three Long Years

Saturday was the anniversary of the day we bought that damn restaurant.

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary, we had a huge storm and lightning struck a main transformer and the power flipped on and off for 10 minutes and do you know what?
It blew out our walk-in freezer and our walk-in fridge at work.
Giant room sized cooling units.
So we bought a huge chest freezer and crammed everything we could (and by WE, I mean not me) into every single available freezer, cooler and fridge there was which makes it a nightmare to work in those insane conditions.
So, for the past few days, while some lovely and well-paid men are rewiring and putting in all the necessary parts like compressors and things that I cannot pronounce, we are working out of coolers. Large coolers but not that large.
Pretend you are Martha Stewart and you have one of those Wolf or Viking freezers with the double doors and enough room to fit 13 Thanksgiving dinners and 85 desserts and such and it breaks down and they give you a Strawberry Shortcake lunch box and tell you to fit everything in there.

Like that.

Except with more cursing and sweating and angry cooks and servers waiting for their food to serve to customers who are waiting for their food.
And me. In the back looking for onion rings and potato soup and chicken strips and lettuce.
Because we cannot find a thing when we need it.
And we ran out of salad mix so I had to go get 10 heads of lettuce and chop it and wash it and pan it up because even though there might be lettuce in those coolers?
Could not find it.
And our stand-up cooler that the servers keep the salad stuff and desserts in?
Not working this morning so I moved all that stuff to the walk-in cooler which was finally fixed last night.
And our delivery truck is coming tomorrow with everything we need for Mother's Day weekend and I hope and pray it is all fixed and ready to go by tomorrow because what does one do with 300 more items?

And the phone lines were messed up so it took 3 goofy dorks 2 hours to tell me that we needed new phones cause ours were shot. Seriously, one guy fixed it all while one leaned on the wall and the third stared at me.

So you see, I am done with this week already.
The bright side is that once we hit $5,000, easily done, our insurance covers everything so there you go.

Happy Anniversary Honey! Many more!

Glee is on tonight.
Bright spot.
I am not moving off the couch til then.

Thank you all for the sweet comments about my shirt and how cute it was, you made my day!


  1. Boo to your week. But you had me at "Strawberry Shortcake lunch box." Those were the days. Sounds like you are being tested and tested. I think you should stop asking for tests maybe. Let me know if you wanna come here soon for a visit. I miss you!

  2. What a nightmare! I hope it gets fixed before your next delivery!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! We're renting the home with the option to purchase at the end. We'll see!

  3. Mel, I would love to visit. Maybe when the Big One gets home and can deal with the household stuff (like dogs)
    Every day seems to be a test.

  4. Next time you come to visit Mel, maybe we could meet for lunch or something. It's been so many years...I'd love to see you again and catch up some. =) Oh, in case you don't know...this is the one that used to be known as 'Chrissy'...LOL

  5. I don't know what it is about the last two weeks, but I think we need a do over!

    Sorry it's been crappy! Hope everything gets fixed.

  6. hugs to you what a nightmare!! Murphy's law, isn't it? One thing breaks and everything follows like dominos falling

    I do hope the cooler thingy gets fixed ASAP; that would be a nightmare trying to work in those conditions indeed


  7. Insane!!!!!
    You had me laughing and almost crying throughout this post. You must have loved your mother very much. I can tell it in your humor.

    From Melanie's comment, I can tell there is another story about the "Strawberry Shortcake lunch box". Maybe just you all had one.

    Twisted back and all - I hope the rest of this week gets better. You must have had much worse storms that we did (again).

    Yes, the pollen is still bad here, but the wind hasn't been blowing much, so I took my chances.

    One of these days.... we're going to become your customer from hell!

  8. Wow, my week wasn't half bad compared to yours.

    I choked on the 5,000 as I was reading I just figured it was 1,000... what do I know... nothin'... except you aren't going to like the looks of that lettuce when you do find it.


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