Monday, June 14, 2010

After I got home from work yesterday, and after a short nap, we jumped in this and went to the river.
We don't swim or canoe or fish.......

We get rocks.
To put around the pond and the yard.
This time, I found some decent driftwood.

And last year after we removed all of the mulch around the pond, we put in this river stone.
This year we had to get more.
Now, we just need time to work on it.

When we had all the rock we needed, and were sweaty and dusty from riding in the Jeep with the top down, we went home to shower.
I decided that we were all 4 going to see this:

We stopped for a quick bite to eat at Taco Bell, got to the theater just in time to get snacks, drinks, popcorn and zero previews.
Great movie, I recommend it to anyone although there were some violent fight scenes so use discretion with little kids who might not handle it well.
It was much more advanced than the original and more violent.
Jaden Smith is a fantastic actor and the part was perfect for him.
I have never watched a Jackie Chan movie but he was great as well.

I loved seeing all of the sights of China, amazing footage.

The boys, who were not interested in going to the movies with us, (I made them) definitely had a great time and anytime we can all four agree is a plus.


  1. I've wondered if that movie is any good. Glad you had a good family night. When kids hit the teen years, it becomes difficult to pull off.

    Hubby & 14 year old grandson are fishing - hoping the promised t-storms stay away!

  2. I don't know, I might have thought of jumping into the river to cool off as I was collecting rocks! sounds like it will be a reat project once it gets all done! thanks for the movie review; I do want to see this movie eventually; sounds like a fun family outing too!!! (no matter if 2/4 weren't excited at the start of the evening :)



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