Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can I Just Have One Hour This Week To Do Nothing?

I know you all have been waiting with your breath held for the final pics of my trip but alas, I have been busy.
Sunday after work, we went to the lake so my husband could do a little work (he has a 2nd job which was his original job before we bought the restaurant and he does it very part time but the extra cash is great and he enjoys it plus his boss begged him to come back to work.)

Run on sentence much?

We had dinner at a new (to us) place on the water and there was a huge thunderstorm and windows all around us and it was so beautiful plus I had the best cedar plank salmon and a shrimp cocktail that I will always cherish.

Monday we (and by we, I mean me) did some laundry and some cleaning and grabbed groceries and then we grilled some BBQ chicken and the Little One and a friend went to the movies while I watched Bachelorette.

Tonight was opening night of the Dr. Suess musical and my son was a Wickersham brother. In case you do not know who they are, they are monkeys.
He sang, he danced, he performed wonderfully as usual.
He totally needs to be in Hollywood.

Here I am waiting in the car for my husband.
Why do they say "hurry up and get in the car!" and then they make you wait?
My husband is worse than a girl. He has to brush his teeth 60 times a day and reapply cologne and take 86 phone calls before we can leave.
Also? He washes his hands and flosses his teeth more than anyone on the planet.

Hey Carrie, I got another blue shirt after you said how nice that color looked on me.
It is actually kind of purple.
It was on super sale at Banana Republic and I couldn't say no.
The necklace is one of those ribbon tie jobbers, it is JCrew.
Purple eyeliner is Almay.
Ok, I am done.
I missed the band boosters board meeting tonight where I was voted in as 2nd vice president.
I promise not to say the F word in public like Mr. Biden.

I am glad to have missed the budget meeting anyway because I hate dealing with finances.
I enjoy spending the money, just not talking about it.

We (the band boosters) purchased a funnel cake fryer that can cook 6 at a time.
I am totally excited because the fair is next week and we plan to reclaim the $2,500 we had to shell out for that.
We are going at 7:30 A freakin M on Saturday to pick up the fryer and grab fair supplies at Sam's.

The weather here is in the 80's this week which is great but then it is supposed to go back up to the temperature of HELL next week just in time for the county fair.

I plan on posting the photos of the last night of my trip tomorrow but for now, I leave with these.

The guy sitting down is Horton the elephant.
He is holding Maisie's egg and his clover. The Who's live on a dust speck on the clover.
He was a riot.

My son is on the far right.
The 2 guys next to him on your left are good friends with my younger son.

Til we meet again......


  1. I give you permission to do nothing!
    Extra cash is always nice. The man has been doing a few side jobs around here too.

    The color blue does look good on you!

  2. Nice! That's a good color too. The blues bring out the blue in you eyes. (with or without the eye shadow) Ha.

    Oh my gosh... my hubby says "lets go" and then has to go to the bathroom one more time! Always. Ugh.

  3. musical looked cute! I bet it was fun to watch! Loved your run on sentences!! sounds like you are as busy as ever! yummy on those funnel cakes; wished we lived closer so I could visit the fair and help your band recoup the investment :)

    congrats on your being voted in 2nd vice president; I'm sure you will do a smashing job!

    as always, enjoyed the picture of you; a smashingly beautiful young woman!



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