Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny and the Funnel Cakes

I am home.
Here is what I learned tonight:

  • sometimes you cannot tell if people are dressed as hillbillys or are hillbillys
  • it is time to elect a new judge- all 3 of the candidates had booths within a block of each other and were annoying one another
  • making a perfect funnel cake is a challenge- the oil has to be very hot, the batter just right and fryers use a lot of juice on a power strip which may blow from time to time when you least expect it
  • people get cranky when their funnel cake takes a while
  • I knew pretty much every customer that came through from the restaurant
  • I worked with a bunch of hardworking ladies, we had a great time
  • I have a phobia about being sticky...hate it......powdered sugar, funnel cake batter, sweet tea and lemonade qualify as very sticky and my skin was crawling
  • after making 3,527 funnel cakes, they do not sound good to eat at the end of the night
  • even though it was hot and humid and terribly uncomfortable outside, we still enjoyed ourselves
  • my son had so much fun (with his friends) running the Plinko game and prize table, he was so cute surrounded by little kids, he really worked hard also
  • there is a Jack Russell out there that is Skip's twin except she has a long tail and her name is Tammy
  • I still detest the sound of balloons popping
  • I get to do this all over again at the county fair next month
I am working on laundry and trying to get things in order before Sunday.
We had a record breaking Mother's Day at work and Father's Day is always busier so I am ready.
I never know what to hand out to the dad's. We gave the moms roses.
My back is killing me and I need a shower before bed.

I am still open to sheets ideas.
I know if the thread count is very high, the strength of the thread is lesser so around 280-400 is perfect.
If you hear of a good sale, let me know.


  1. one of our churches we went to gave dads candy bars for Father's Day. clueless on sheets, I always buy the cheapest I can find, LOL, the dog and hubby don't mind too much

    sounds like it was a good hot fun productive day! I'm sure right now you don't want to hear the word "funnel cake" right now so I only typed it :)

    seriously, you're a great mom!


  2. While you were doling out funnel cakes, I was mowing the yard. Both hot, sticky jobs, but mine was definitely the easier of the two. Aside from the yuckiness, it sounds like you had a great time.

    I like betty's candy bar idea.

  3. i love the feeling of a good days work...though exhausted. not sure about father's day gift, but sheets i can tell you...we have 1200 count and i love them. they are soooo luxurious, you don't have to go that high, 800 are really good too, and i would look on ebay. we bought brand new sheets there for $75. the 1200 ct. ones. they were such a good deal, they gave a break a second set and the shipping was free. so, unless you have an outlet store, try ebay. and you are right about the higher the count, the weaker the threads. but man is it worth it. we just take extra good care, and we enjoy it. after all, when you have had a hard day, where do you want to put your lil head and tired body? lol


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