Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am booked solid today (don't I sound important?) and have like 2 hours before I have to hit the ground running.
Ok, I have allotted myself 2 hours to do some laundry, sit in the sun, shower, dress, return a shirt to Walmart, pick up a shirt at the sewing shop that I had to have re-beaded, and meet some girls at the high school to load the cars for our Hillbilly Days festival tonight.
I was going to find something in gingham like a top and tie the bottom part at the waist and wear cutoff short denim shorts and heeled wedge sandals.

Ellie May Clampett called, she wants her duds back. Jessica Simpleson too.
My grandpa always said duds.

I just Googled Ellie May Clampett:

Anywhatever, I don't have Ellie's (younger) boobs, stomach or legs so I am wearing a BR tank and Gap bermuda shorts with my Ugg flip flops. Maybe a J Crew necklace.
I will be the anti-hillbilly.
Maybe I will say ain't and y'all a lot. Maybe I will end all my sentences in prepositions like "where y'all at?" where ya goin' to?"

My mother just flipped over in her urn. She is unscrewing the lid as we speak.

I have 2 pick up the Igloos, go to the restaurant, brew 20 gallons of sweet tea, cut 100 lemons, make simple syrup, grab my crock pot, haul ice and help set up our booth at H Days.
We are, of course, raising money for the band boosters and I have been suggested (although not officially) to be vice president next year.
Kill me now.
There is a sick part of me that is excited about this and I am not sure where she came from or why she is here.
I think it is because I am working with some of the hardest workers and some great women who I respect and admire.
Candy is one of my son's best friends mom (and the other VP- there are 2 this year) and she also owns a business in our town so she knows hard work. Clara is 73 years old, my co-chair fundraising queen, and I have worked with her for years on fund raising and class parties and she is a bulldog when it comes to getting things and money donated. She also runs circles around me.

We are serving funnel cakes, chili (Wendy's donated it), fresh squeezed lemonade, sweet tea, hot dogs and bottled water. I donated 100 lemons and the tea. And the time it takes to brew and haul all that tea downtown (which is close to the restaurant)

Oh, and it is 97 degrees today. High humidity.

This is off subject but I need to get some new sheets for our king bed.
In the past, my mother always sent me the nicest sheets (from QVC) for our queen bed and I had like 25 sets.
When we got the king, I grabbed some from Walmart (I needed them right away) and they aren't bad but now I want some nicer ones (that stay tucked in) and I don't know where to go.
I looked at Target, Garnet Hill, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, JCP, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's and Nordstrom to get ideas.
I do not want sateen, satin or silk but do I want pima or eqyptian, do I want organic? I want at least a 300 thread count. I want deep pockets, white or cream color. Actually, color doesn't matter as much.
Oh, and I would love to stay under $150.
Comments? Ideas?


  1. Sounds like a fun festival! I think you should totally due the Ellie May get up! I can't believe how she looks!

    I don't have any suggestions on the sheets. I can't ever find any that will stay on the bed!

  2. Mom got us some GREAT 800 thread counts when we got our bed and lo and behold the effers started to get holes right after she died. She is laughing in her urn.

    I found a great set on sale at Target. They are Egyptian cotton and about $60 or $75. You just have to really look for sales. I found BBandB to be very expensive, but maybe they are good. I've heard that the organic bamboo ones are not any better as far as quality and actually may be worse on the environment because of how they work the bamboo. You can do organic cotton and stuff though, and look for dyes that are natural.

  3. JC Penney's has high quality. Watch for the sales and combine them with coupons. The minimum thread count I go with is 400. I love good sheets. I think mine are Pima cotton but I'm not sure.

    Your festival sounds like so much fun. I wish I lived closer. It has cooled down a bit tonight. Hope that helps a bit.

    Y'all have fun now!

  4. I got tired reading your post with all you wanted to do in your two hours you had "free". that is neat that you are so involved with the band and fund raising! you are a good mom!


  5. I like the sheets from TheCompany, 200 ish thread count, all crisp cotton, especially in the Summer. Higher thread counts, 400+ are too soft and stretch out.

  6. I honestly didn't even know she was still alive!

    You're gonna have fun with this thing, aren't you? Nice change of pace going all carnival-ish like that!


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