Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am cramming many days into this post.

This photo puts the 'happy' in happy birthday.
This was at Macaroni Grill Saturday. We were celebrating the Little One's birthday and he was tired from his trip.

On the way to the restaurant, we had to stop to see the llamas.
I really want one. This one wanted to come home with me.

There were babies everywhere.
Trouble was, it was feeding time for the nursing mama's and they had little interest in me.

A girl can try though.
The Little One had this taken on the Skydeck at Sears Tower.
Notice how you can see the ground under their feet?
Yes, he did not inherit my fear of heights. He did, however, inherit the insanity from my side of the family.

He also loves tall buildings.We don't have any here. He took some great photos.
They went to Navy Pier also. I think he gave up on pictures when his allergies started acting up on day 2.

I made Pioneer Woman's strawberry shortcake cake.
Aren't you glad I don't take pretty recipe pictures for a living?
The cake was fabulous!

If you want to hear about how my nephew made friends with a poisonous Brown Recluse spider, brought it in the house and let it crawl all over him before I woke up and informed my sister what it was (she laughed at me until she Googled it) go here.
She has more pictures too.

We went to Lowe's to get some supplies for work.
I sat in the car and enjoyed the sun.
Mr. Funny and one of our employees loaded the FRP board.

I am reading this book.
It is pretty cute, about a woman who dies and has to go to school to learn how to be a ghost.
She has to go back to her old life in her ghostly body and fix all the wrongs of her earthly life.

Yesterday, Mr. had me test drive this.
He wanted me to get the longer XL version back when I got my Yukon.
He said I would regret not having the extra room.
It also has different seats, rear heated seats, dvd player and remote liftgate plus remote start (I do have that)

I am driving it for a few days because I am convinced that it is too long and I cannot possibly park it.
So far I really like it though, I will get groceries and see how much more I can load.
I hate it when my husband is right.


  1. OMG on the brown recluse! My dad was bit by one and was put in the hospital!
    There is no way I would be on that sky deck!

  2. I am loving the new llama. It reminds me of Is Your Mama a Llama, and the boys love that book. Could you not wait until they wean and then go get us one? Ron tried to buy one for Nyal years ago, but Susan was having none of it. Nick looks so thrilled; kinda like when I was there, so I guess it wasn't just me. You know how I feel about that car.

  3. okay, just looking at Little One and his friends on the sky deck made my heart stop. heights and me don't get along; sounds like it was a fun trip for him though (minus the allergies of course)

    one day those llamas will come running so you can stuff one of them in that nice looking Yukon!! I have to say the heated seats all over would be the winner for me!

    that book sounds cute too, I'll have to check it out



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