Friday, June 11, 2010

Just grossness today

I have a lunch date today.
I know!
Occasionally I do these things and sometimes I regret it and other times, I have fun.
This is one of those other times because the girl is so fun and seriously, she could be my non-lesbian wife we get along so well.
I need to go back in blogtime to figure out when we met last because it has been way too long.
We have been friends since the boys went to preschool together when they were 3 and again at 4 so 12 years and we see each other once or twice a year and pick up where we left off.
Now she is moving and buying her first house (they have always rented a house in the country about 30 minutes from me) but they are moving an hour and a half away now.

The Big One has his therapist appt (he was so depressed in college so when he got home we found him a therapist to talk to so he could figure things out)
He also takes a mild antidepressant to even out his mood swings.

The Little One has a dentist appt.
He has 2 fake teeth in front where he knocked out the permanent ones years ago in DC on vacation when he fell flat on his face by the White House (he tripped on a sewer grate)
Since his braces are off, they are going to put a post into his bone and implant a tooth.
The whole idea makes me want to barf, I hate dentists so bad.

My husband is feeling better today although when I went into work last night to help out so he could relax, one of our servers had an accident (she pooped her pants) because she had (in my mom's words) the trots.
I told her my husband had a stomach bug as well and did she need to go and she said as long as she could run to the bathroom any time she needed to, it would be ok.
I told her, "when you're standing at a table and you feel a little funny, run to the potty to beat the runnies"
At this point, her pants were wet (where she washed them in the bathroom because she lives an hour away and refused to go home) and she was chuckling with me but then, in 30 min or so, she threw up and you know I don't play that game so I sent her home.

Here is a little ditty from my childhood:

Mrs. Rickles made some pickles on a sunny day
Mr. Martin came a fartin' and blew them all away

Yes, I had a weird childhood filled with obscene rhymes and potty talk but we laughed all the time.

I hope your day is vomit and diarrhea free and filled with sunshine and pickles and very few farts!


  1. I couldn't imagine standing at a table and pooping your pants! lol

    You hate going to the dentist, and I hate working for them!

    I hope my day is filled with none of that too! :)

  2. Boy that crud is going round the resturant for sure. If I were you I'd try to stay away.

    Sending good vibes to the Little One for the dentist today - the dentist gives me anxiety!

    I need a lunch date.

    Just sayin'

  3. LOL....LOL....

    Thanks for that!

  4. hope you had a nice lunch date! its good your friend is buying a house, but sorry it is so far away from where you live; good idea for Big One to see a therapist, I always think it is good to have someone objectively talk with you that is not emotionally attached; both my kids did stints with therapists, and I always enjoyed speaking with them too (but wow, I don't think I could be one and hear stuff like that every single day, LOL; might be a bit depressing)

    hoping you don't get sick......

    dentists!! hoping it wiil be relatively pain free for Little One



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