Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mini Vacation

Well, I just flew home and boy my arms are tired!
Really, I drove and with a 15 year old and 2 dogs, it was still a nice drive.
I have a schmadzillion pictures (you're welcome) and I will try to get all or most of them on here before I fall asleep.
Here is Molly in the car.

We got there and Mel and I picked her kids up from summer school camp.
I saw the celebrity dad who has kids there as well. I will not mention names. (I promised Mel)
We stopped at Sonic for a cherry limeade chiller on the way home and I sat outside in the sun with the boys while they swam and Mel did her Shred video.

Later, we all met for a late lunch at one of our favorite places, Taco Bueno.
Here is my youngest sister with my nephews.

Getting a family photo is nothing short of embarassing...... (what are you doing, Mel?)

This is as good as it gets.

They are building this soon near my sisters house. I simply have no words for my excitement.

We spent the evening outside visiting with each other and the day laborers had to leave early so Mel and I retired early.
The next day, we took my and her youngest boys to lunch downtown.

We went to a little pub.
I had a reuben. It was huge so I only ate half.

It was HOT! I adore hot weather but the company I kept did not so I only got a few photos.

After lunch, we picked up her oldest son and went to Bath & Body Works to stock up on good smelling summer scents.
Between the Body Shop and B & B Works, I have a a ton of body washes and lotions and such but a girl can never smell too good, right?
Then we stopped at our favorite bakery for a cupcake.
This was my favorite:

I love this kid!He was so sweet and helpful with the little kids.

That evening we went for sushi.
My youngest sister had a migraine so the 3 of us sisters went.

I will post on the rest tomorrow.

We went to see Knight and Day with Tom Wackadoodle Cruise and it was surprisingly good.
I laughed a little and got to cuddle in the freezing theater with my cute hubby.


  1. looks like it was a fun trip, LOL with Molly and the sunglasses! she was ready for your mini vacation! sounds and looks like it was relaxful for all!


  2. I'm very jealous. I have no sisters. Just Ned. Ned is fine but he's not one to go out on the town and drink margaritas and cosmopolitans. And he doesn't like to shop.

  3. The cupcakes and cookies look incredible! Making me hungry.

  4. Looked like fun. BTW, you look fabulous in that color!
    Just sayin'


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