Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Dog is now on Facebook and I cannot find enough time to shave my legs

Since I did nothing last week when my sister was here, I am trying to catch up on a few things.
I stocked up on groceries last night and sorted laundry.

My oldest son somehow overflowed the toilet in his bathroom last night and asked me what to do. I handed him some old towels and he stared at me for the longest time, then went upstairs to clean it up. There were retching noises and much drama. I am not banking on the sanitation factor since he showered in the basement before work.
I guess I will add "bleach the bathroom floor" to my extensive list.
Might as well clean all 4 bathrooms while I am at it.

My husband has a stomach bug.
He was dizzy at work last night and is throwing up today.
I told him I would go in to work for him but he refuses so I am going in anyway to take on the brunt of the work for Mr. Stubborn.

The Little One has decided against camp so I decided against him spending all summer in the basement shooting **aliens.
I told him he can go to the city pool, Grandma's pool, ride his bike, walk dogs, play fetch for 6 hours with dogs, hang out with friends, see movies, listen to music or go to new Jersey to see his aunt and fly back with her when she comes here for the summer and help watch her little ones on the flight.
Plus, there is plenty to do around the house. I don't think he will be telling me he is bored anytime soon.

Summer is officially here and although I love the hot weather, I have been unable to enjoy it due to a very busy schedule.

I am preparing for a big community festival next week.
We will be busy working Thursday night but the prep work Wed. and clean-up Friday don't amuse me.
The band boosters have a booth in the kids carnival and we are serving funnel cakes, hot dogs, sweet tea, fresh squeezed lemonade and bottled water.
We had to nix the cotton candy idea last minute because nobody had time to make it.
I am brewing the tea at the restaurant and then hauling it to the town square along with the lemonade.
I am exceedingly thankful for the extra room in the Suburban.
We still haven't officially bought it yet but we are waiting til my husband feels better before signing the papers.

I stocked the garage fridge with water, Gatorade, soda, Capri Sun, lemonade, limeade, green tea, juices and mixers for margs and daquiris.
Summer is definitely here now.

The Big One made Molly (my dog) a Facebook page yesterday.
He called me at work to ask me when her birthday was.
She has more friends in 2 days than I had in a year. Sad but true.
Wish I had that much time on my days off to be making FB profiles for dogs that eat their own poo.

If you will excuse me now, I need to go help out my hubby.

By the way, who loved the Glee finale??!!
I think there were not enough episodes but there are some fun new summer shows (The Gates) and I am going to be too busy for tv anyhow.

**there aren't any aliens in my basement (that I know of) but the Halo game and other Xbox games involve a lot of shooting of both aliens and bad guys. Since he wants to be a Marine someday like his grandfather, I am letting him get some practice.


  1. LOL with Molly and her Facebook page!! where are all her friends coming from?

    so sorry hubby was under the weather; what is it with these men of ours that feel they have to go in and work no matter how bad they feel

    You do sound very busy! that community festival sounds fun (but hard work!!) good luck with it

    sorry Little One decided against camp, but it does sound like you did give him plenty of options to occupy himself this summer season


  2. I loved the Glee finale! And I'm with you... they shorted us on the number of episodes.

    Overflowing toilets are not fun and have stayed off my list of jobs. That one always got deligated to hubs. Weak stomach here.

    You are going to have a miserably hot, muggy weekend for that festival. Drink LOTS of water!!!!!


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