Friday, June 4, 2010

My husband found these pics amusing.
All 3 of us on our computers.
2 of us were drinking vodka and limeade.
(1 of us had a terrible hangover at work the next day)

Dancing to the Glee soundtrack.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I wished I was dead. (and unemployed)
I somehow made it to work (I had a hangover but worse, I had heartburn from all the limeade and had messed up my stomach with too many Tums)
I took a few minutes in the office and then joined the world.
I jotted this on a Post-It (my husband found it and took a pic to e-mail me)

My husband came to work to relieve me at 11:30.
I picked up Old McDonalds and went home to these sweet faces.
My sister had had a bad morning and was ready to get out of the house.
We decided to hit the outlet mall for some retail therapy.
We were not disappointed.

There was some dancing at Banana Republic.

The boys were really good.
We went to the Gap, BR and Charlotte Russe.
Then we went to Coldstone for a treat.
While Mel looked at shoes, I stayed in the car with the boys.
The eyes were heavy on this one.

The other fell asleep right away.

Momma needed a new pair of shoes.

We went home and grabbed the Big One and went to eat Chinese food.
Then we went home and put the kids to bed and watched Couples Retreat and fell asleep on the couches.


  1. Looks like the big one was trying real hard to ignore you both! lol

    Some retail therapy never hurt anyone! :)

  2. LOL with the 3 of you on the computer; I'm still guessing who the other one was that was drinking the vodka and limeade (just kidding, I know it was your sister and not Big One)

    now the funny thing would have been if the three of you were instant messaging each other :)

    sounds like you have enjoyed this time with your sister :)


  3. Poor big one!

    You don't look hung over...

    It seems Mr. Funny was having way too much fun taking pictures!

    I seem to recognize that mall......

  4. That Vodka an limeade sounds pretty good! Although now it's just Merlot for me! LOL


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