Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I watched The Bachelorette and to say that it was bizarre is an understatement.

Chris L. - so sweet, down to earth, good family man type but not a lot of chemistry with Ali, good solid husband material
Chris N. (I call him Josh Groban)- does he ever talk? ever? ever? why is he still there? can we say under the radar?
Craig R- again, sweet but not too much chemistry
Frank- pig, liar, creep, dork, turd
Jesse- so cute, so nice, I love that he want to have cows and land- sadly he is gone now
Jonathan- his kiss last week was so awkward that it was either his first or he plays for the other team and man was he pouty this week! If he mentioned the forecast for love one. more. time...... Not sadly he is gone.
Justin- see Frank. Also? how can he call Kasey a liar? Hello kettle? the pot called
Kasey- reminds me of a guy in high school named Adam except without the tatoo and add a crap ton of creepy adoring letters and a gross sloppy kiss on a hayride that turning my head violently couldn't avoid, *shivers* and I still detest the voice
Kirk- nice, sexy in a way, good chemistry but not the one in my mind
Ty- reminds me of a football player/jock type, but I can deal with him
Roberto- yes, just yes

Ali was sicker than a dog but she had kisses to dole out.
Do germs not matter? Yuck.

I adored the purple duvet and pillows on her hotel bed.
I really want to see Lion King now, I adore musicals and the times we have been to New York it was either sold out or we couldn't get enough seats.
I don't like her brassy hair with the stringy extensions. They did fix it nicely but then it got bad again. And don't blame the sickness. I liked her hair better on the Bachelor. I do love the fashion this time around.
That pewter dress last week was to die for.


  1. Weatherman - can't possibly be straight.

    Kasey - completely frightening and since he speaks like Thurston Howell III, I simply can not stomach him.

    Roberto - the winner

  2. What the hell was with her keeping creepy voice guy??? WTF is all I gotta say. No chemistry with Jesse and he had very few brain cells competing for attention, but he was so nice to look at! Poor Jonathan will find a man to love him. I call that one dude Josh Groban too, and frequently wonder why he is there, but I bet we see more from him! Roberto is yum, and him singing to her made me happy, but I like the Chris whose mom died because I think he would make a great hubby. I just don't think she really gets him.

  3. I keep forgetting to dvr this.

  4. You missed your calling. Tabloid X called. They want you for their TV show review section. I haven't watched the show and probably won't but love reading about it!

  5. I'm slowly catching up on blog reading. I think the Weatherman completely gave it away when he was soooooo excited to be on Broadway. And I'm glad he's gone.


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