Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too tired for a title

I am heading out of town in the morning to visit my sister but I will jot a quick note (is that even possible with me?)
Fathers Day was great.
We had a busy day at the restaurant and then we went to see Marmaduke and had pizza.
The boys got Mr. Funny the entire Clint Eastwood DVD collection. (yay)
I really did not want to see that silly dog movie but my husband did and I am glad I saw it because it was really cute!

Yesterday, Finn had his man parts removed. Not all of them, but he is mourning their loss.
I was gonna reprint the neuter song I wrote when my MIL's dog got fixed but no time right now- maybe later.
Anyway, Finn is out of sorts and cannot find a comfortable way to sit or lay and he pulled a stitch running out the back door like his ass was on fire so now he is confined to his crate and the pitiful expression on his face is too much to bear.
He also has to take antibiotics which he hates but we are sneaky and he loves cheese cubes so......
He did pay me back this morning when I discovered 3 square feet of liquid poo on my way to the shower.
It was right outside the Big One's door in the upstairs hall and if I hadn't thrown a towel over it til I got home, he would have stepped right in it.
Good times.

I am taking the Little One and the 2 smaller doggies with me to ease the burden on my hubby who will be busy.
I plan to sit in the pool and get some sun and relax and since it is going to be 100 degrees most days, that will be our best bet.
My sister likes to keep a chilly and dark house and when I get there I open all of the blinds and turn the thermostat to 73 which annoys her and the Little One who is happy to be in a nippy bat cave.
Mel and I always have lots to talk about and since she may or may not have a new ghost, it could be fantastic! (I love ghosts!)
I once heard someone talking to her son in the middle of the night when he woke up crying (through the walls when I was sleeping on the sofa) and assumed it was her so I got up to keep her company but nobody was there and the baby had gone back to sleep. I went to her room and she and her hubby were sound asleep too. I went back to the couch and heard a soft singing in the baby's room again.
I have also heard footsteps in the kitchen and hall when everyone was asleep.

I had a fund raising meeting tonight to plan for the fair and I was told to show up next week for the board meeting because they want to vote me in for 2nd vice president (we have 2 ) which I am really excited about!
I have some great ideas and cannot wait to get started on them.

I also stopped by my friends house to pick out a few more things before her garage sale and her 2 week trip to her house boat in Tennessee. One of these days I am going to join her.
I am getting a beautiful old sofa table which I have big plans for and a few other things.
She has the cutest 3 legged Jack Russell who just followed us around the entire time.

I will try to remember to take lots of pictures on my trip.
Be back Saturday.


  1. Have fun! Looking forward to a ghost story or two :) Kathy

  2. Have fun. Nothing like going from hot and humid to hotter and humider (oh hush, it is too a word).

    Does your sis and her family see and/or hear the ghosts or is it just you? I'd love to experience a ghost. I think we had one in our old house but the only way I knew she was there was I'd feel a temperature change when she'd come through.

    Going to Springfield Thursday.

  3. enjoy your visit; sounds like fun!!! I hope it is restful and relaxful!! poor Finn; always a good thing to have done but they just don't understand it all!

    glad Father's Day was a good one all around! I didn't even know Marmaduke had a movie out....

    we'll miss you, but HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!


  4. I tell you what. You are non-stop activity over there!

  5. Have fun! Sounds like Mr. funny had a good fathers day.

    I can't wait to read the rest of your sisters story! I love to watch those shows, but I dont know if I could actually handle seeing something??!!

  6. Oh dear, poor Fin. :) The bigger question: Would the Big One have cleaned up the Liquid gift if he had stepped in it? Didn't think so. Why is it always the mom's job to do that?
    Have fun in the sun and playing with the ghosts!

    p.s. too funny, the word verification . . . bufight. get it, BOO Fight. Ha Oh lord, I need a vacation after my vacation. :)

  7. I can't believe you're not going to be here long enough for us to meet to catch up! I guess if I want to see/visit you, I will have to pack up my gang and take a weekend trip to a little midwestern town with a happenin' family style restaurant! LOL Have a good visit with Mel!

    Christine (Chrissy - but don't EVEN think of calling me that -- I dropped that nickname as soon as I thought I was grown up..ha!)


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