Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Story

First, I have to say welcome to my 2 new followers! You are in for a treat.

Now, I have an employee story.
One of my servers, T, was awakened a couple of weeks ago by a banging at her door at 4:30 am and opened the door to (get this) a SWAT team (seriously, I did not know our small town had a SWAT team) and they had received a call from her elderly neighbor, 2 doors down, letting them know that she had seen T carrying bodies through the yard, to the side of the house and down to the basement.
T does not have a basement. She informed them of this and they checked it out and left.

A few days pass. A knock at the door in the middle of the day.
Two police officers on her porch want to know if her young daughter is indeed screaming out the window that she doesn't have any food and is starving.
T tells them that her daughter has been at her dad's house for 2 weeks. She is alone in the house and baking banana nut muffins, would they like one?
There are no children anywhere in the house (she has 4, the 2 younger ones are at their dad's, the oldest is in the military and the middle is in Chicago (with mine on the band trip)) so again, they leave.

Other calls to the police occur.
The lady brings T a gallon of milk and some cereal.She corners T and her family any chance she gets.

Yesterday, our general manager is called out of the office to go the host stand where an elderly (94 yrs. old) woman is waiting.
At this point, T has already told everyone at work these stories.
The woman says that she is very sorry to inform us that T's father has gotten drunk and gone to T's house and killed everyone. Please do not be mad at T for not coming to work because she was killed.
Our GM tells her that it is ok, she wouldn't want T coming to work anyway if she is dead.

T is not dead. She is at home. It is her day off. Her dad is long dead. From cancer.
And the elderly woman lives with 15 cats in an unsupervised home with only a visit twice a week from a niece.
She hears voices and sees things.

Yeah. Seems that way.

This woman has told her chiropractor (ironically, it is the same one as T has) about T's love of dead bodies and murder plus child starvation. When the office girl was talking about it to the doctor, T overheard them and mentioned that "she was the neighbor the woman was talking about"
She probably tells everyone she meets about the murderer/child abuser 2 doors down.
And if anyone had been standing by our host stand when the lady was tell our GM the story, they would have assumed our employee had been murdered and the way people in my town spread rumors, I probably would have been blamed in the end.
No, just kidding.
But still.

Apparently, there was a neighbor between the 2 houses that the woman used to torture but they moved, the middle house is vacant and now T is the lucky one.

The police have turned the matter over to the Dept. of Aging and Family Services (and hopefully animal control, pew!)
Why didn't the police investigate after the first ridiculous call. Or even the second?

I am sad for this woman because first of all:is she eating? are the cats eating? will they be eating her soon? is her niece stealing her blind like we think she is? does her niece know of or care about all of theses stories and shouldn't she be in a home or on some meds? why the hell is she driving on the same streets as my kids? why isn't my psychiatric-nurse mother not alive to hear this juicy story? can anyone beat this story?

This is all I have today folks but I am watching the Bachelorette soon so I might be back later.


  1. Wow. Talk about crazy cat lady! At her age, I bet she was the original cat lady that all other ones follow closely for advice and hints. Poor T. Maybe the cat lady is rich and will leave her lots of cash when she dies for the trouble. If the niece doesn't get it all first.

  2. This is hysterically funny, but really sad too. It sounds like T has a pretty good sense of humor about it. I'm glad to hear that someone is looking into this poor woman's living conditions, it sounds like she needs some care. But I have to give a hand to your GM "wouldn't want T coming to work anyway if she was dead" Hands down, best line I've heard this week. Kathy

  3. This cracked me up! I feel sorry for both T and the old lady!

  4. That crazy lady makes my mother sound normal.

  5. that poor old lady! I hope that department people get to her sooner than later because she is an accident waiting to happen (hope she doesn't have any guns in the house!) sad her niece can't see this that the lady needs help or go into a safer environment, etc. Poor T! she must be a saint to put up with all of this. it "sucks" to get old and loose your memory and do things like this


  6. Oh my, that is quite a story! I've been all wound up about my Heartland Inn situation, but I guess I should be grateful no one is accusing me of hiding dead bodies in my basement.

  7. As sad as it is, and I do hope she gets some mental help, the stories she makes up about T are hilarious!

  8. OMG! I feel sorry for that lady, too. What a nutty story.

  9. Too funny! No way in the world can that one be topped. Poor lady. Poor T!


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