Saturday, June 12, 2010

Your Brain Called, It Said You are a Loon

I forgot to tell you all that I finished my book, Spooky Little Girl and it was really good- so read it ok?
Should we start a book club?
Do you even think I could collect my thoughts long enough to do such a thing?

As you know, my mind races constantly.
I don't know if it is ADD, ADHD, my depression (yes, it does that to you even when you are 'up') or what.
I am constantly thinking of all of the things I need to do, want to do, must do, don't want to do.........
and then I forget about the things I am scheduled to do.
So I start doing all of these different things and never get to the things I mean to do.
See? Welcome to my brain. It is exhausting.

Yesterday, I had a lunch date and a dental appt. for my son. That was it.
After lunch and my scary home tour, I took my friend back to her car and stopped off at the restaurant to have a cup of coffee before going home to tackle the laundry and bathrooms.
I sat down and checked my phone for e-mail and blog posts, wrote a list of things I needed from the store for work, talked to a couple of customers and employees, checked the progress of the dish room re-do and made 3 phone calls.
Totally forgot the coffee.
One of the servers walked by and asked if I wanted something to drink.
She brought it. I made another phone call and realized:
The little one has a dentist appt. in 40 minutes!
And he was home with a friend shooting aliens again so I called and (lied) cancelled it because I wasn't in the mood for a 2 hour appt.
And I had to remind the big one to cancel his therapy appt. because he had picked up a 9 hour (seriously, he might die) shift at work.
And then I grabbed my phone and list and purse and set out to find my husband who never stays in one spot for long when he is at work but if I leave without saying goodbye, he takes it very personally.
And then I left.
I forgot my coffee.

Which really, I don't need because I am spazzy enough.

I got up late this morning (9am), threw my coffee in the microwave (my husband makes coffee on Sat. before he leaves at 8 but then turns the pot off because it is a "fire hazard") and went out back to feed my fishies.
I watered all of the outdoor plants, pulled some weeds, watered the dogs, cleared out some leftover leaves from the pond area. I then went around the house and watered everything out front in pots, plugged in my fountain, pruned my roses, turned on the soaker hose for the roses and front bushes, spoke briefly to a cute tree frog, and went into the house.
Coffee needed to be reheated but I needed some ice water because it is 93 degrees.
I am now drinking my coffee at 12:30.
I never did feed the fish.


  1. My brain is the same, so you are not alone!

  2. Wait until menopause hits full tilt. Talk about wacko!

    Read back three posts to get caught up. Glad you had a fun lunch date. That really sounded good.

    Oh wow, it just started raining here. I didn't think they were calling for rain. LOL hubby is in the garden tying up tomatoe plants. He's going to be soaked!!!!

  3. Is that the Laurie Notaro book? It's on my list of things to remember to get, if that is her book. I love her so much. Not, like in a weird, stalkerish kind of way. I love her writing, I guess I should say.

    I just had my morning cup of coffee, here at 6:23, because I forgot this morning and I couldn't figure out why I was so draggy and headachy all day. Now, I'm ready to partay!

    And thanks very much for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. I needed it, now that I am thongless. I just made up that word.

    I think we're going to be good friends.

  4. maybe sublimally your body is telling you it really doesn't want coffee! A 9-hour shift for Big One! wow!! that would be hard, especially in retail which is hard, in my opinion, almost like working in a restaurant!

    93 degrees! wow, that is warm!


  5. Honey...I have poured at least four cups this morning, reheated two of them and only consumed aboutbhalf a cup total. I am your soul sister in loon land.

  6. It's hot here, too and I haven't had any coffee in 2 days.

    My brain is all over the place, too. I can't get a thing done.

  7. LOL! I often forget where I've put my coffee and have been known to have 3 cups in various rooms of the house. All unfinished and cold. ugh

    Totally normal. I think.

  8. That was exhausting! It's not easy to be you. I hope the fish finally got fed...if not, please do it now. Do not collect your coffee. Do not attend to your plants...just feed the poor fishes! LOL

  9. "Welcome to my brain. It is exhausting." LOL Couldn't have said it better myself!


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