Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bad Hair Bands and Puppies!

You know how I like to come home from work on Sundays and crawl into my comfy bed with my fan on high and take a nap?
Yeah, well.
Apparently my husband did NOT get the memo because he is on the bed listening to Iron Maiden and surfing the Tag Heuer website trying to figure out how to set his stupid watch since the battery was replaced.

I hate Iron Maiden.
I want to shove Finn's furry foot in my eardrum and block out this hateful crap.

We went to see Eclipse last night and it was fabulous!
I just loved it and now I want to read the entire series again.
Because I am not reading 3 books already. (I am really into Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult right now, she wrote My Sisters Keeper which will make you cry and get snot all over yourself)
And the guy that plays Riley is so very cute.
I am pretty sure he is my son's age and I am married to the heavy metal freak but if I wasn't.....
Oh, and Eddie (as Mr. Funny calls him) was pretty hot too.
And the vampire/warewolf showdown was very cool as was the training session for said fight.

It wasn't annoying at all how Mr. said "Puppies!!" every time Bella and Jacob kissed or cuddled in the sleeping bag.
I think he wanted them to hook up so she could have a wolf litter but alas, I had to inform him that she does not have puppies with Jake but I left out the surprise in book 4.
Also? Why is it 40 below in theaters all the time? I like to have my white cherry Icee and it just makes me freeze more.
I need to remember a sweater next time.

Well, the metalhead left the room so I need to rest up for this night.


  1. i just love comming to your blog....i don't usually comment on any that i read...i read so many, if i commented on all of them i would have to have surgery on my already carpal tunnelled (sp?) hands! but i just love love love yours so i made the exception....cuz the last few have been hilarious.....the funnel cake one, especially and a few more but you crack me up....i look forward to your posts everyday. i don't post everyday...but i go all out and read yours and several others that i look forward to. so keep em coming....its like a lil daytime comedy/drama like soap that i have to tune into so....i have to get FUNNY

    love ya, jo

  2. I like Jodi Picoult's books, and you are right My Sister's Keeper was a "tear jerker"

    hoping you are napping now enjoying a quiet room without heavy metal!

    glad you had a chance to see the movie last night and that it was good; I have yet to read the books or see any of them (I'm so behind the times)

    hoping you all have a great time tonight! enjoy the Fourth!


  3. I hate iron maiden too. Sounds like something that would make put my nails in my pupils.

  4. Why oh why are the Tag watches so high matainence?! We've had to send ours away to just change the batteries!


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